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    [RSGP] Selling lvl 60 pure pker [PAYPAL]Hi guys its mskr93 here , and im going to sell this acc as im not using it anymore.. It has got like 8 important member quests done , arround 60/70k wealth,account is in green zone , no recoveries / email I accept RSGP and PAYPAL.. : [email protected] i will go first only if you are VERY VERY VERY trusted person.. place bids here , im willing to sell the account today/tomorrow.[RSGP] Selling Maxed Zerker, 4x99 combat stats/almost 5. No turmoil! [RSGP]Pretty much what the title says, selling my zerker account. Spent quite a bit of time on it. Basically this account is a very near maxed Zerker, great for pking. Has most quest done except for slayer helm and barrow gloves, like 40 qp's til B gloves. The account has near been cleaned, and im not gonna be using this much. So i'm tryna sell to fund my new pure. Autowin - A/w is 150m. I will not go first unless a very trusted member with many vouches, will do 50/50 or use an OMM at your expense/cost. BONUS - Currently Ranked in the ClanChat - Obbysarmy, the world 44 Soul War cc. No offences on this account, no mutes or anything. Close to 80 dung for Chaotic. Goodluck and Happy Bidding !Selling runescape range/mage pure (10m)Add me on - [email protected] I will not go first, well use an omm at your expense. ---ACCOUNT--- ---No Recoveries---selling starter main for 3mnothing special, has high wc and mning cleaned bank membership till 14th apr. 3m for it.LOoking for nice ranger RSGP PPif your not a trusted seller or i dont tjink you are then im not intrested must have no RECOVS.[RSGP/SWAP] 1 def, addy gloves, great pure[RSGP/SWAP]Hello there, here to sell this pure. I will not go first. i Will take 50/50 i Will use a MM What i accept. A decent p2p level 3 skiller. A full quested initiate pure. RSGP. Here is the account. Dt done MM done other pure quests done + addy gloves. Any questions feel free to ask.Buying any runescape pure.-Add me on to discuss the price- [email protected] I will not go first if your not more trusted than me. well use an omm if you would like but i wont be paying any fees.Swap Lvl 100 For A Good 60+ PureSWAPING LVL 100 COMBAT ACCOUNT FOR A GOOD 60+ PURE WITH 1 DEFENCE !!!!! ADD MY : [email protected] ALL TRADES ARE GOING 50/50 U GO FIRST ! ! !
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