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    LvL 60 1 def Starter Pure MM Completed CHEAPHi i am selling my 1 def Pure it has Monkey Madness and lost city completed. I can clean wealth if you would like me to. Also has a original name. Auto Win: 7$/6m Login Stats Bank Quests[RSGP] Turmoil ready Zerker! 1x99, Quested!I'm here to selling my Turmoil Zerker! Stats are in pictures below. Staring bids at 10m. Auto-win at 170m. This Zerk has member until Sep. 2! Buyer pays fee's if using OMM! Stats & Bank: Loginscreen: Blackmarks: Showing Curses: Any questions regarding the account, add/message me @; [email protected] 80 | 70/93/2 | 94 magic |Taking any offers on this account. Don't play on it at all and I need it sold. rsgp only. [email protected] Uploaded with ImageShack.usselling great level 88 staker (rsgp)staker stats are: 80 att 82str 67def 76hp 3pray 1summon 80dung also has rapier, it is f2p, its an old account i 4got i had and trying to sell i do not have pics atm because swiftkit crashed on me i will meet ingame! email: [email protected]'s Account Sales [ 4 Accounts ]RSGP ONLY, because i don't have paypall pure:lvl 64+6[]=820/3787/715038496/prophecy2012accsale2.jpg/y tank: lvl 67[]=706/9736/715038806/prophecy2012accsale3.jpg/y staker in progress: lvl 80[]=101/8869/715046886/prophecy2012accsale4.jpg/y Zerker Pure: lvl 76[]=827/1435/715038341/prophecy2012accsale1.jpg/y [ The only account with recoveries is the lvl 80 and it says changed. its from 2004 so i dont remember them.. lol] COPY AND PASTE THE WHOLE LINK FOR PICS!!!!!!!!!!! Email or me: [email protected] 92 staker 80/80/80Need sold ASAP. Any offers welcome. RSGP ONLY [email protected] Uploaded with ImageShack.usaccount shop good pkers and mainshello sythe yeah im new but ive bean in account selling for a while now i have these 4 accounts i would like to sell now ill get down to the point if you dont truest me gtfo or we use a omm or if i trust you i will go first no haters please please offer on the accounts (accounts1.2.3.4) my is [email protected] here are pictures Uploaded with[PAYPAL]Level 60 Pure [1Def/85Mage + More]ITS GOT MEMBERSHIP FOR 1 MONTH (27 DAYS LEFT I THINK) Im Selling this pure account, im quiting runescape, forever now, i spend so much time on the pc that i dont realise im getting addicted to the computer, so heres the runescape account: Well for paypal, im selling it for 20 dollars, if anyone offers more ill give it to them. I will be giving you First Pass Email Recovery Other Details if you try any love you, i will ddos you for weeks, so dont bother, im quiting rs, i aint ******* going first, i got a good acc 2009 sythe, so i can be trusted easily so i wont be loosing this (not as in a bad way, but im thinking of adv cod videos for my cod clan and also some other games i play i wana sell their love you)
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