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    [SWAP][SALE][RSGP] iReapz Amazing Account Shop !! [RSGP][SWAP][SALE]Hey sythe i am putting an account shop on here and i will be adding accounts when i get them. i am not here to scam.., i may only have 2 vouches but i promise you i am here to scam no one... i am happy with using a MM Or OMM... So thets get on with the accounts shall we Acc 1: Lvl 118 1.2m cash 99 str + More A/W- $(Offer)... RS-GP- 40M ONO OR A SWAP (PLEASE OFFER) PIC: Acc 2: Lvl 3, 99 Fish, 65 Agility + More A/W- $45ono.... RS-GP: 22.5M ono...... Or A Swap PIC: So there You Have It Please If You have any Questions or Offer's Please Add Me On My : [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Good Trade's 3 Bad Trade's 1 (Scammed out of 22m) Lateset Vouch (wrong section lol) : sythe/showthread.php?t=1034963 CHEER'S !!!!!!!!Lvl 81 Range tank w/ Firecape and 93 mage!ADD ME ON : [email protected] The accounts stats have now been changed for the goood. Pm me a message and i'll send you the udsername it's 45 dung also and 89 range 93 mage. All of my trades and chat will be recorded, therefore any scamming/scammers will recieve a long term ban. OMM - Your fees Or you first Possibly doing 50/50's but only to certain members whom I deem trustworthy. I'll only go first to people with plenty of vouches. Only accepting RSGP, I'll give you all the account information. Currently a MEMBER. Open to all offers. The account is a good range staker, and mage boxes well too. It has zuriels staff to cast miasmic blitz, and blood barrage to slap melee'ers and rangers in 'no movement' 'No special' duels. Very good staker, with reasonable hp. Happy bidding, there is no A/W but high offers I think appropriate will A/W aha{rsgp} Beast 94cb Barrows Pure{rsgp}i am currently selling this amazing level 94 barrows pure due to the fact that im not using it anymore due to the fact that i have 2 that are like almost the same and well are twins. The account starting bid is at 30m so please do not even bother to contact me for lower, there is no auto win im just gonna see till what point its gonna reach anyways as for when im selling the account you will have the chance to check it out first and then you will be realeased to all the recovery details anyways please post here or pm me if you want add me on wich is [email protected] if you want we can do mm to but pay your own shitselling this acc only 3m!only 3m for this account! add my [email protected][RSGP] Selling 69 mage 60 combat acc [PAYPAL]hi guys im selling out this account.. 150k+wealth , none quests done ,acc is in green zone , none recoveries / email A/W - 6m : [email protected][120+ Vouches] Selling Lvl 84 Zerker? Pure | 99 Magic & 40 Def | Fire Cape etc [25+ A ( 1 2)SOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.Paying 300 Dollars For A Rs Pure Me First Or MmHEY IM BUYING A RS PURE IM WILLING TO PAY UP TO $300 BUT PURE MUST BE GOOD. add me [email protected] i have 4 vouches.Level 59 Staker. Give away.Don't play the acc no more. No matter what i do nobody wants to buy it =/. User: [email protected] password: 07837996938 Enjoy
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