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    {SELLING} lvl 70 PURE, F CAPE, 94 MAGE/QUESTED.Hey guys im selling a lvl 70 pure with firecape 94 mage 81 str 77 range finished desert treasure, monkey madness, and has addy gloves. Im looking to either trade it for RSGP. Or a main account. Im having troubling posting pictures im not to sure how to do so. If someone could help me out ill gladly post multiple pictures of the acc with the stats, etc.97 Mage 93 Range 91 Str 52 Pray 13 Def |RSGP|Selling this account pretty good stats! Post here before contacting me at . Not selling it for under 30mil . [email protected] DO NOT TRY TO SCAM, IM RECORDING EVERYTHINGRSGP [Handcannon][99 Range][Vengeance][94 Mage] [96 Str] [Zerker]Hey guys looking for offers on this zerk, it's currently f2p so I didn't post a picture of my quests due to the recent update that f2p players can't organise there quests (can't only show completed) so i would have to have like a gazillion screenshots. I can show a mod to verify it if you'd like. At the moment it DOES have recoverys and email but I will remove them if I like someones offer, no point removing and not getting a buyer. The flaw is significant, but I believe the good sides of the account outweigh the bad thing. It is 46 defence, and has not done dragon slayer (flaw). Stats: Bank: cbf posting tbh, it's not worth it, it's about 300K of mems items, no other good items on it. Quests: Desert Treasure Lunar Diplomacy Lost City Forgiveness of a chaos dwarf---Handcannon Has lots of other basic quests such as druidic ritual, tree gnome village etc. Just posted the quests that matter, it has 48 quest points. Selling for rsgp or membership pins+rsgp. NOTE: If a Mod reallllly wants I can upload a bank pic although truthfully there is NO point whatsoever.[RSGP][MEM]99 Mage-61 combat[see]I am selling my decent Mage account with 99 mage and 28 membership days left.Rsgp,it has recoverys which I will give recovery test.Will go first in some cases. Uploaded with Uploaded with = [email protected] Gamble 7.5M Per l 29 + vouches l Trusted l Cheap!Hello I'm here to have some fun and spice up account buying a little bit This is a fully explanation of my title, You pay me 7.5M and a generator will pick out of the 3 accounts which will be yours. Code: All items are left on the account A MM/OMM can hold the 7.5M / Pick the account for you I will never go first even if you are trusted Do not post offers its only 7.5m Add my if interested- Account #1 - - Account #2 - - Account #3 -[][]Great Mage Boxer[][]Selling this great mage boxer to support my upcoming build.. This mage boxer is great because it has the highest possible defense without being on the Highscores.. Also makes a great pker with Desert treasure, RFD (addy gloves), Monkey madness, Horror from the Deep (Filled unholy book).. Whichever Direction you take this account I think it's worth what I want for it. I am the original owner and can provide all details.. I WILL GO FIRST to trusty members with vouches. I will NOT go first to someone I don't feel trustworthy! I am happy to use an OMM or MM except you pay the fees. There are no recoveries or emails on this account Leave your and an offer and we will go from there Thanks D u p E d AUTOWIN: 30M[][]94 Magic, 8Close Please[pp/rsgp]very Nice 1 Def Pure With 86 Strength 60 AttackHi guys, I am here to sell my pure. I will accept RSGP, or Paypal USD. A/W for RSGP is now 20m, or in USD $15. We Will Use OMM or MM. I will go first if your really trusted. If not, won't trade unless we use OMM or MM. UPDATE: Just got it 60 Attack, 43 Prayer, 70 Range, 20 Mage, 76 hp, 71(+2) CB, added membership, re-added recovery questions, but I'll supply that too. Will change e-mail to yours too. No Blackmarks, never been botted.
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