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    (RSGP)Selling Hybrid PKER 94 MAGE/72 STR/ 60 ATT/81 RANGEHello sythe, IM selling my pure, due for runescape GP. I recently got scammed out of 120m so im trying to get some of that cash back. the account has nothing of value on it except for around 4M worth of bank. the account is great in the wild and this is a great deal. Due to me just joining sythe i dont have vouches. i have made 2 trades, one for 183M runescape GP, and another for an account that i lost 120M. those are the only two trades but i hope to make more in the future! A/W 100M starting Bid 50M RSGP ONLY youtube/watch?v=qHvP1...eature=feedwllFucking Amazing Maxed Pure 90 Dung 2 Chaotics Must ******* See !!!!! @@@@HELLO SYTHE! IM SELLING MY AMAZING PURE BECAUSE I HAVE A MAXED TURMOIL PURE AND I DONT EVEN HAVE TURMOIL! L0L I NEED SOME RSGP TO FINALLY GET ME 95 PRAYER, AND I DONT PLAY ON THIS ACCOUNT ANYMORE, HERE ARE SOME PICS OF WHAT YOU WILL BE BIDDING ON!! THE ACCOUNT HAS 90 DUNG, CHAOTIC RAPIER, CHAOTIC MAUL, AND ALMOST MAXED ! ALL IT NEEDS IS 99 MAGE (EASY) AND 99 HP! (97 ALREADY) I WILL NOT BE GOING 1ST SO DONT EVEN BOTHER ASKING ME, PLEASE, POST UR DIRTY LITTLE COMMENTS AND HAPPY BIDDING! ADD MY TO ALK FURTHER, THE ACCOUNT MUST GO!!Level 71, 90str 80 range 82 mage[RSGP]Not looking for to much as it has 5 def, im the original owner will switch emails over once we trade. Will use OMM at your cost. Recovery can be done if needed.Perfect Staking cVLS Pure 63CMB- 20 ATK / 99 STR / 99 HP/ 79 RNG / 76 MGE / 99 Hunter ( 1 2 3)This is the most powerful lvl 63 you could possibly make. It is IMPOSSIBLE to lose against players my level. I've made hundreds of millions off of this account and still stake on it almost everyday. Current bid: 160M A/W: 200M Please POST your offer and THEN add me on : [email protected] Vouches:[/center] Quote: Originally Posted by Viou Nice guy, sold me 1b quick and easy, thanks Quote: Originally Posted by euro-case Huge vouch, bought dedicated server for 575m, hoping for cooperation soon. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by irn-bru Sent him $110 for this account, Very trustworth guy i went first and got the account right after. Quote: Originally Posted by Star_Scream Vouch sold him 5 upgrades Quote: Originally Posted by Lukemacleod Voucher For Kiwi Karma $38 For a Pure i went first he gave me all the details Quote: Originally Posted by xotik BIG RED VOUCH FOR KIWI KARMA, BOUGHT HIS OWNAGE G MAULER FOR $40, I WENT FIRST HE SUPPLIED ALL DETAILS IN FULL, IF HE HAS ANOTHER ACCOUNT I LIKE WILL DEFENIETELY USE HIM AGAIN Quote: Originally Posted by mnp2005 Great guy! He went first on a $50 trade and everything went smoothly! Highly recommended, Thanks again! Quote: Originally Posted by rswildy VOUCH amazing guy to talk to. Payed $5 for custom trick, Got robin in loot. Quote: Originally Posted by fatalizback BIG FAT JUICY VOUCH FOR KIWI KARMA, GAVE ME A WHIP TRICK, I WENT FIRST, AND I GOT THE WHIP! THANKS SO MUCH MATE, 100% TRUSTED, SOLID DUDE / Buying Decent pures 1 defence only//Hello there i know i am not the most trusted thats why i am not going to say you going first. I know how these sites work so i wanna use OMM or VMM at mine cost. I got 187m RSGP which be the payment. I looking for prues with 1 defence only. something like 99 stre 99 range 99 mage or close to that. If you got 99 mage and then rest 1 i also buy that just want a pure with 99 skill. Must be members. If it does have Recoveries i want recs test. ALSO IF IT HAS FIRECAPE !!! EXTRA CASH Add me on: [email protected] lvl 98beast account! need fast sellneed a fast sell for rsgp on an account i never play anymore here are the stats- 1208 total 75att 89str 68def 79range 86mage 82hp 77hunter 83mining dt, monkey madness, and rfd up to rune gloves are all done For more info please feel free to pm me i want a really quickbid so feel free to bid low[BUYING] Maxed Pure CB 75-80Looking to buy a closely maxed pure. Combat ranging 75-80. Must have at least 99 range other stats will take into consideration. Looking to pay rsgp/PP. With an OMM.Selling lvl 98beast account! need fast sellsorry made this twice
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