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    [paypal] 43 def/99range/94mage/94 strAccepting PAYPAL as GIFT only. we will figure something out if we are going to be using an MM. ALSO i dont need no bullshit offers/swaps. any info will be provided.range|40defs|cmb71|85range|nice range tank! non quest but can get hand cannon! a/w 10 dollars non members no recovos or emailreally nice pure :)hey guys selling this really nice starter barrager/ags pker desert treasure is not completed on this account so i think a/w is 25M and if you would like DT completed a/w 35M i will alslo be taking offers, this is a good chance for sythe members a good straight pure you can buy with confidence.[Sell] Started GS pure ! CheapHei - I'm selling my starter gs purenow . This account is very cheap AutoWin is 25m RSGP I make first move if you have 10+ vouche or trusted guy . gl .Selling maxed pure (11 def) for RSGP.Hello Sythe, Selling this pure here that was given to me by a friend, I play on my own so this really has no purpose as it has been collecting dust in recent months. Combat 97+ 0 Login Stats Quests Bidding starts at 70m and autowin is 100m RSGP. -It has no bank- I have absolutely no care for anyone's pixels, and I don't trust anyone. If you are interested you WILL go first, if not then you will pay for the OMM fee's. Leading offer: 30m by Bonesownz[RSGP] Selling lvl 85 KORASI pure 99 wc, 94 mage, 70 farming, 93 str [RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Doesn't have anyting in it's bank so don't ask about bank value. Only accepting rsgp. AUTOWIN IS 70M If interested add my : [email protected] [24 hour auction]Selling multispaced pure "X---X---X" - 99 hunter - 90 strength -SOLD![RSGP] Selling Awesome 67 Combat Guy-3 Defence-Mith Gloves-94 Mage! Grate Money MakerSo here i am selling my awesome pure, which is 67 combat, it has mith gloves, and most quests done other then, DESERT TREASURE, However it has most stats/quests done for the quest. And it already has 94 Mage so all set for barrage straight away. RSGP! What You Will Receive: 1. ALL Account Information. Including Recoveries, Previous Passwords, Email, Postcode, Mems Info! 2. The Account. When Trading: 1. You Will Give Me Feedback After The Trade. 2. You WILL Go First, Or OMM Used At Your Cost! 3. I Will Feedback You After The Trade. 4. I Will Be Filiming/Screen Shotting Everything! CONTACT: [email protected] () INFORMATION: The Recoveries/Email Will Be Taken Off When Serious Buyer Found! AUTOWIN: 40M RSGP!(Negotiable) Enough of the talking here are the pics So there are the pics POST AWAY Thanks Everyone!
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