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    [RSGP][50M WEALTH] Awsome staker for sale with 88 dung and rapier!Hey people, basicly lets get down to this! I want to sell this "AWSOME" staker for rsgp! an A/W would be 300m rsgp for me! and 330m, would be an A/W with all the rsgp on the account! My Is: [email protected] S/B 80M.[RSGP] Buying Gmauler- 11M Cash offerI wanna buy a gmauler for 11M cash We will do it this way: We will use a trusted MM. Note: The account doesnt need to have any wealth or membership. PLEASE POST PICS OF YOUR GMAULER!Base Zerker for sale - 82 mage - MM Done -Hey guys, I have for sale my basic zerker, if you would like to post offers i'll think about them and get back to you. If you want to talk either post on this thread or add my e-mail - [email protected] O.k, onto the character. 71 Combat. Not much else to say, the character won't come with any gear or money. Accepting RSGP only. If you are trusted on sythe i will go first, if not we'll use a trusted MM. - Peace![2007 member][$350+ traded] Selling beautiful rapier staker - CB 75 ( 1 2)Some important notes: *Payment via PayPal only, selling only to trusted members (I decide whether or not you're trusted). *The account is ideal in every aspect. It has a no e-mail login, it never had any recovery questions set and has never had a registered e-mail *Legit seller. If you take a look at my feedback thread you will see that I am trustworthy Account summary: 80 attack 85 strength 1 defense 1 prayer 1 summoning 88 HP; combat level 75, rapier with 100% charge (if only staking -no recharges needed, ever). No spamming. All posts that aren't legitimate purchase offers will be reported. Pre requirements are some nice vouches and a 3+ month old Sythe account (unless you pay in RSGP). S/B: $50/75MBuying pure for rare accountI won't give my email here cus of the many attempt scams of this account will occur. If your serious about buying this account pm and ill give you my email in pm. I will gladly verify this account to a trusted member+.. A omm will be used at your fee's. Form Please fill this out. : Offer: Link to vouches: PicturesSelling lvl 99 87 STR [RSGP]Selling Rs Acc Top Stat Str 87 I Do Have An Email But If Someone wants to buy i shall remove it Selling For 20m+ Either PM Me Or Message Me In Game If You Want To Buy SS Below.[RSGP] Selling lvl 93 staker! owns!Hey guys basicly i want to sell this for rsgp! S/B = 80m A/W = 350m. Interested? add my : [email protected][RSGP]:::[PP] Selling Level 86+5 Rapier Pure - 1 Def [PP]:::[RSGP]Sold!
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