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    Selling * Rare * R E S E T Turmoil Account! [11 Def / Maul / Rapier / Korasi / 95 Cb]*I am a VIP on R2Pleasent's VIP List* and have been trading with him since 2006 - I will get him to vouch this thread shortly. Hey there guys, I know first thing you're seeing is my post count. I'm very new to forums as I've never sold an account - I've browsed forums since 2005 but never bought or sold anything on Sythe. I am WILLING to use an OFFICIAL OR YOU GO FIRST. I WILL go first if you are HIGHLY trusted. I am accepting RSGP only, as I am an RSGP seller. I'm selling probably the rarest account on Sythe you will find - this account was reset a long long time ago to 10 defence, unfortunately I got 11 by accident but still the lowest level with Turmoil is supposed to be 28 defence. I'm selling this account because I'm now 22 years old and have ZERO time for RuneScape. The account comes with the following: - Chaotic Maul - Chaotic Rapier - Rune Gloves - Korasi Sword - Black Defender - Firecape - Combat Robes - Curses Pictures: Recoveries and email will be deleted upon finding a legitimate buyer for the account. HIGHEST BID: 300$ - Preferably RSGP I'm looking for Email: [email protected] almost maxed 1 def [email protected][email protected]!i am not looking for any low bids as i have spent a long time training this account and i feel it is worth quite a large sum, i would be looking for atleast 20m. it has all of the most important pure quests done like MM lost city desert treasure and has ADDY gloves. as you can see in the pictures it is not a member and i have not played it in longer and 2 months and i do not intend on playing it ever again. the Automatic Win on this account is 40m. Happy Bidding! here are some screen shots -[SELLING]Beast RESETTED Pure w/ 2Chaotics,Stream , Fcape and 300 Ma rank!Hello Sythe, I've got a amazing account for sale just looking for the right price / guy to sell it too, The reason im selling this account is basically just because of te game itself its not fun anymore and enjoyable as it ever was, there is no need of keeping this account if i log in for 5mins every 3weeks or so Pictures Below: Stats: The Bank: The Account also has : ~300 Ma rank, acces to imbued rings. ~As u see in the pic above Chaotic rapier + staff , imbued rings and Fire cape! ~Acces to addy gloves / god cape / zamorak book ~All of the pure quests done such as: MM , DT etc etc. The trade: ~ MMO is MANDATORY on your cost. ~ Post and add me on for future discussions. ~ I won't go first and neither will you a MMO is MANDATORY! ~ The account will come with everything on it, too bad i sold my rsgp already. ~ Mainly looking for PAYPAL, but a GOOD RSGP offer would be fine too. Cheers have a look and enjoy the account im sure people will love it, but are you the right person? add and discuss! Maaskantje.-99 Combat Zerker 99 Str-RSGP- ( 1 2)Selling 99 combat zerker stats in screenie bellow, if trusted i will go first. If not you can get a middle man. Or you go first. ~Stats~ ~Add my ~ [email protected] ~Add my ~ Deamionic ~Items On Account~ Torso Firecape Rune def Dragon Gloves Chaotic Maul Desert Treasure Completedbuying 1 def pure (rsgp)Hey im lookin to buy a 1 def pure acc with dt and mith or addy gloves i have enough gp to buy a decent/good pure i wont go first unless your trusted. Post and add my [email protected] thanks hope to buy a pure60 attack pure! almost 99 str! very good!well guys this is my pure. the attack and pray was quested. please post your offer on here first. i will only be taking rsgp. good luck guys stats[Selling Level 71 90Dung 300k+ Tokens]Selling great dung pure with 328k tokens left +membership Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Pic 4. Pic 5. A/W: 50mil Or Swap [Looking for A Good Pure With Mith gloves] P.M me if your serious will use a MM tough tradeSelling undefeated dragon claw pure ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)I'm the creator of this account.I trained all stats by hand.I used soul wars to train str mostly, to make this account have low hp.That's why it is a perfect rusher.I could own my level players with only 1 d claws spec!Using blitz+claws technique. It is good rusher because: Low hp Has ancient magics Not much to 94 mage Has dragon claws High strength Low combat level Has low prayer A/W 60$ Post your bid in thread. My only : [email protected] Click here to see my Vouches
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