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    Selling level 83 AGS / Hybrid pure WITH RARE NAME! ( 1 2)--------------------------------------------------------------STILL SELLING--------------------------------------------------------( I HAVE THE LOGIN SCREENSHOT BUT NOT POSTING ON SYTHE MESSAGE ON FOR IT!) Taking offers but im thinking around 50m - or $50 but like i said im taking offers. :[email protected] Aim:[email protected] (Mainly on ) Add/Message me on there to buy. It has a EXTREMELY Original RARE name! Its not vocabulary words that everybody has , its actually really rare. Like "Day" etc.. It also has Addy gloves , Desert treasure , Monkey madness . ALL major pure quests done. (HAS MEMBERSHIP!) Here are my stats Pic below (Has 99 Hunter 94 mage Etc.) Uploaded with Here is a pic of some items in my inven - ( I have zamorak book filled! Its worth 17.8m) I also have 2 FILLED Saradomin books and 2 FILLED guthix books. I got the 2 of each book when the glitch still worked but now its patched. Uploaded with Here a picture of my offenses - (only 2 and there for mute) Uploaded with Here is just a random pic =] Uploaded with :[email protected] Add/Message me on there to buy.Buying Maxed Pure for Maxed Mainsythe/showthread.php?t=1083180 is the link to the thread of myself selling my main. Looking for a maxed pure as i'm bored of playing on my main. [email protected] = . Will use an MM if needed.[PAYPAL] F2p Beast-40/96/1 66 combat ( 1 2)account is beast 40 attack 96 str 1 def 31 pray 75 hp 91 mage and 72 range. offer, post picture in 2 min. PS has event christmas hats from an 05 event.Beast boxer lv 84- 200M+Won - Pro staker [Rsgp/PP]Hello people. Here im selling another of my accounts, I m actually bored of staking, made enough money off it so i decided to sell my personal boxing account. S/b: 20M/20$ A/w: Not set We use a MM or either you go first. I dont mind going first if your trusted. The account has an email registered which i cant remember it. I will keep trying to take it off tomorrow. Has no recovers. MY EMAIL: [email protected] The account has been mostly trained by Skatenbam, so a big thanks to him[Donator][RSGP] Selling Initiate pure [RSGP][Donator]Sold.[RSgold][Paypal] 2 Accounts (66 + 83)Account 1: This account is a level 83 tank with a complete Zammy book. Monkey madness is done. Account 2: This account is a lvl 66 void tank, with full void!! I max 350-350 with D bow. Desert Treasure DONE!! I accept rsgold and paypal only, no TRADES!!! I will not go first, but you may get a OMM and you pay fees. OFFER ON BOTH ACCOUNTS ALL ACCOUNTS ARE ORIGINALLY OWNED BY ME, ACCOUNTS WITH NOT BE RETRIEVED 100% GUARENTEED. - [email protected] please post your email after adding me[RSGP] Selling level 70 [99 MAGE; 81 MINING] [RSGP]Title says it all. Here are some pics of the account. The account currently has 3 months membership left. Only taking rsgp. Post offers below, if you buy it I'll tell you all needed account information. Auto win = 65m[PP][RSGP]†IndioBeltran's Account Sales†Delete Please! =]
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