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    Buying Pure (UP TO 25M) ( 1 2)As it says, I'm buying a pure, I'll pay up to 25M, maybe even 30M depending on the account. Post stuff and an estimated price of how much you'd be willing to part with it forSELLING CHAOTIC PURE HAS rapier/80dung!Im selling my rapier pure its lvl 74. has 200k bank+rapier if u want inbox me auto win is start bid 50m auto win 100m I will not be going first form the saftey of teh rapier =P tehe stats: 80 att 82 str 2 def 31pray 74 range 65 mage Im willing to meet in game!Selling Handcannon Pure - 30 Defence - 84 Herblore - Firecape - Korasi - Slayer HelmWelcome! Greetings Sythe Community, I currently am looking to sell my 30 defence account with handcannon, completly quested! The account has A Number of Great items included such as, firecape, korasi sword, adamant defenders and much more! I am looking for a reasonable offer, I will only be accepting paypal. Stats! Quests! LogIn! Rules! Code: 1. I will not go first unless you are a very trusted member or admin. 2.If you want to use a , you are welcome to pay the fees for an Official.Checkout Fill It Out! Code: : Offer: Payment Method: Paypal OMM or you first:[PP] [Zerker][CHAOTIC RAPIER][87dung][99str][99magic] [RSGP] ( 1 2)I am selling this awesome zerker with Chaotic Rapier! This account has got Unholy book,Rune gloves (rfd) There are No blackmarks on this account. This account has got 50M+ rsgp,i can gladly take off the gp if you wish not to buy the account with it. I will not be going first! We will use OMM (wich you pay fees) or You will go First! If you are interested then post your and offer below! Has got Full Melee Void now!Selling level 80 runescape account only 20m rsgp. Open to compromise!s203.photobucket/albums/a...*********3.pngSelling Nearly Maxed Zerk (Firecape+Stream+Rapier+Void) - 97str -99rng - 98mage -Its 99range/mage, when i made the vid it was only 97str-96rng-97mage VID LINK: youtube/watch?v=YygfHr39xzM THIS IS MY VID if you don't believe me, i can get pictures and stuff or change description of the vid to say "Crazed Scaper's Vid" if you want, i'm just lazy :p I'm looking for about 80m for the account, message me or leave a reply to this topic ALL is shown in the vid: no recovs set, no email, days left of membership, all of that I play on my pure now and dont rlly wanna be bothered with the main or the zerk anymore, i just want $$$ so i can train my pure up fasterSelling Level 63 PureHey Sythe, just trying to sell this account becuase i don't play on it anymore and have no use of it. No A/W has been set. I'm going to wait for bets first. If interested please post and then add [email protected] 98 strength pure with 1 def!There are no infractions on the account. The email is not registered. Recoveries have never been set. I am the original owner. Monkey madness is the only quest worth mentioning that is finished. Looking for RSGP offers.
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