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    [rsgp] 80dung, 99hunt, Dt, 200k Tokens [10+ Vouches]kittyboobs here selling this amazing pure. here are pictures. sold why buy from me? i have 10+ vouches in only account sales with more then 15 accounts sold. willing to be a real account seller here. i will not go first in any way only if more "trusted" then me please feel free to add my [email protected], pm me or comment on the thread. thank you and goodluck prehandedly[SICK] 20 Def almost-maxed Pure - 99 Mage , 99 str , 95 Range [ RSGP ] [MM/OMM}Well my IRL mate quit runescape and he gave me his pure , im selling it for RSGP. We can use an OMM / MM for trading it , i will provide ALL recovering information and we will do a recovery test during the trade if needed Here are pictures : E-mail address will be removed before the sale Skills: As for offences , i didn't take a picture , but it had 2 mutes before , but its not muted anymore. To buy please PM me and post your below. I am serious about selling this account , if you are thinking of scamming , don't even bother. Starting BID : 50m Auto win (A/w) : 250mLevel 94 Failed Zerker 95 STR 85 MAGESo I'm selling this account add [email protected] there are recovery questions and an email but I will provide ALL info to the seller once I sell the account as I'm no longer interested in Runescape. It also has 3 months of membership which is already 40m ish alone and the stats are good so don't post if you're gonna offer less than 50m for this BEAST. The A/W will be 150m. : [email protected] Pure, 94 Combat | CHAOTIC MAUL | RARE NAME | 99 Hunter | [RSGP/Swap/PayPal]Hey Sythe, I'm here selling my zerker pure, I've got to much on my hands with my real pure, and my main so I figure I'd get rid of this account. Money *DOES NOT* come with this account. A/W: 100M Offer away, I take Accounts/RSGP/Paypal the account has never been banned or infracted in any way. - The account has never been owned by anyone aside from myself. - I can provide ALL the information for the account, so you may recover it whenever you loose the password. - The account has a rare name! Onwards to the pictures: Add my And/Or : : [email protected] : ryanhurdur Thanks,Level 94 with 94 fishing and 1 month of memsadd [email protected] for details[RSGP] Winningg's account shop! [RSGP]Hey welcome to my account shop These are old accounts i have that i'd like to sell for some RSGP and get a bit more trusted with the community before i sell off my bigger better accounts. This makes sense to me because as i get more trusted it'd be easier to sell them. ================================ My ONLY : [email protected] ================================ Terms of Service You go first, or we use a If using an OMM, you pay the fees Refunds are NOT available, unless you wish to resell for cheaper than you bought which we can discuss I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason I can call off the trade at any time for any reason I will only sell when i'm satisfied with the price I will possibly go first to people with 50+ vouches or people with OMM/MM status If you get them banned then it is NOT my fault and you will not be refunded ================================= Now that that is out of the way, i'll post the accounts. They will have an autowin but i would possibly sell for cheaper so just shoot me offers. I know they're not the best accounts but they're pretty good. None will have email registered at time of sale, and if they have recovery questions the recoveries will be provided. Here we go! Account #1 A/W : 1m Account #2 A/W : 3m Account #3 A/W : 3m Account #4 Original Login+Display name! A/W : 10m Account #5 A/W : 2m Account #6 ^ has cool login/display (same) name A/W : 1m Account #7 A/W: 3m Account #8 A/W: 10m because of vets cape I will add more as these are sold! Add my or post for more details on the accounts. -WinMessage to everyoneIf someone is claiming that they have a "fake" email set on the account, they are lying, and trying to scam you. It's impossible to add a "Fake" email to an rs account since you need to confirm it. DON"T TRADE THESE CLOWNS.Selling 59cb lowbie hybrid (RSGP)59cb pure hybrid with DT and MM done + 75 WC. Hit me up with offers =D Contact me at: [email protected]
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