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    [PP / RSGP] Buying a 1 def pure ( 1 2 3)DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 10 VOUCHES. Account MUST have: -1 Defense (I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING ABOVE 1, NOT EVEN 2 OR 3) -1 Summoning -70+ Strength -70+ Magic -60+ Range -Any Pray -Any Attack Obviously the more quests done, the better. An OMM will be used unless you are VERY trusted. Post offers here. : [email protected] $50 on a G Maul rusher.Spending up to $50 on a Granite mauler. Post pics below, and a price. With your . Thanks.Have 15m, looking for a decent accountTitle pretty much says it all, I have 15m to spend and I'm looking to get a decent account that has a couple 99's(If it had just 1 99 it would be cool), it would be GREAT if monkey madness was done already. I will be going first of course. You need to have a atleast a few positive vouches. Please post the accounts stats and items, thanks!Durpified Pure's/pkers shop![Paypal/rsgp] ( 1 2)Heyyyy and welcome to my Pure/pker shop! my only is: [email protected] I accept paypal as paypment and rsgp but I prefer paypal. I count 1m as 1$. I'm not going first in any trades I prefer to use omm. I'm original owner so I'll provide full recover info. The accounts: lvl 76 pure, with 60atk, 90str, 95mage! resetted main got veng, dt, BARROW GLOVES! Lvl 80 pure! 99 hp, 92str!!! , dt done :) Lvl 94 rune pure, all def quests done, rune gloves, 99str,75atk, 93mage! lvl 133 main: 2077 total lvl 106 tanker, 97def! lvl 113+8 pker! perfect for pking :) Uploaded with lvl 113 barrows pure perfect pker:**Maxed out Pure!!!**$$$Will use Trusted omm only!!! $$$$$ $$$$ $$$ $$ $[RSGP]Selling Finished Lvl 81 Ags Pure Cheap![RSGP]Hey its Rang3rs 0wn5 here selling an ags pure! I will not go first to anyone with less then 50 vouches, but i would be glad to use an OMM. If you want to use an OMM you will be finding them and paying the fees. Recovery Tests Etc will be allowed by OMM's If you want one done. Post here with an and an offer if your interested. I do not want account swaps, paypal, or anything besides rsgp so any posts containing those offers will be considered free bumps. I will not be answering on until you post on my thread with your so i know who im adding and talking to. The account still has 4 days of P2P so if you buy it now consider it a bonus! My is in my Sig. 0 def xp Addy Gloves Done DT Done Unholy Book - FILLED MM/Lost City Done Climbing Boots Done Accumalator Done[RSGP]Uber cheap zerk(lvl 74 WIP)i have a new zerk, a much better one (used to be a pure till it got hacked for 31 def) anyway, il sell it for only 2m, i really dont need it anymore xd il go first add my [email protected] , I'm willing to go first if I can trust you reply soon, i probably wont check back on this thread after tonight :p[paypal]selling Zerker Pure[paypal]SELLING MY ZERKER PURE for 20$ right now through paypal. Will not go first unless many vouches or using omm and you pay. INCLUDES EVERYTHING IN PICS BUT CASH! NEED TO SELL ASAP! SCAMMERS GTFO THIS THREAD, WON'T FALL FOR IT HAS NO CASH INCLUDED If you didn't see a quest, I probably didn't do it. (This took a long time, so if there is something wrong or missing (Mods) please p.m. me before taking it down so i can fix. Thanks) is [email protected] Thanks, pop me a message if you need any other info. I'm kind of new to sythe and only have 1 vouch so far. I've already cleared my money on this acc and have a vouch of that on my profile. [​IMG] Thanks!
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