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    Sick Little Skiller!Sick little starting skiller for someone who would like to start a skiller! and started to be a def mage range pker! im willing to go first with trusted mm otherwise you go first. No recoveries or email, 10m buy it now! start bid at 2m. post 's to talk happy bidding!■ RSGP ■ 14 Vouches ■ Level 88 Combat ■ Rapier ■ 82 Mining ■ 70 Defence ■ ( 1 2)Quote: Originally Posted by TheMaker Sold The Account To Razorwire97 For 45m Hi Sythe, I am going to sell one of my "failed" rapier stakers. It got 5 Effiges that you can use in any skill you want (not tradable) It got ofc a rapier at 66%. Autowin will be 45M. Highest Bid ATM: Quote: Originally Posted by Uchiha_Sasuke How bout 38m?[RSGP]Selling my initiate purethis i going to be my first account im going to sell on this site, hopefully i get good money . I put a lot of effort into this pure, hope it goes for a good price. Im selling this acc because my friend quit rs and gave me a maxed out pure which i enjoy more than this pure i have had this acc for about 3 years, done pretty much all pure quests done dt, rune gloves,hell cat,slayer helm,mith defender, arcane stream necklace, fire cape, some gop robes, 30k tokkul, zammy cape, only guthix and zammy book, mind body, atm only got about 50 mobilising armies rank :/, done mm, ava accumlator etc you first, i'll start the bidding at 90m? buy now/account autowin price is 170m(meaning i'll end the bidding), if im happy with an offer i'll just end it. feel free to contact me : [email protected] theres no more membership left, it ran out thanksBuying 1 Defence PureMust have addy gloves/dt done and some membs. Idc about stats Will swap 112 cb or Rsgp post[1 Defence Pure]Fully Quested[Near Maxed]Hey Guys its Jason Coop, Selling my old 1 defence pure that i recently have had no time to play on. Would like to sell it and try to hybrid on my main seeing as i only play for a hour or 2 a day id like to be doing something fun. Anyways -Rules- I will only go 1st to a Trusted Sythe Member. I can do sometype of 50/50 if needed. MM will be used by ur cost. A/W = 60m Please Post on this thread b4 you add my . Or we will NOT do business. = [email protected]★★[Selling Zerk]~Imbued Rings~Chaotics~Torso|Hat~Firecape ★★Hey, I'm selling a zerker pure for RSGP or PAYPAL ONLY. The email and recoverys will be deleted after a buyer is found. The account is 95+5 combat. EDIT: ACCOUNT IS NOW 95 STRENGTH.This account has 2 firecapes, torso, fighter hat, unlocked barrow gloves, all of the imbued rings ( 300 rank ) and about 500k reward tokens left. ( Able to enchant more rings ). The rings in the picture ( below ) will be included when you buy the account. This accounts defence is FULLY quested, and you only have to complete Temple quest for turmoil and its fully turm quested. It also has full void and all of the helms. The account is (EDIT):93 dung, by the time I have found a buyer the strength and dungoneering should be higher. It has(EDIT)3 chaotics ( Maul and Rapier+ STAFF ) and also has a stream. If you are interested, please add my in sig, or pm me. Thank you ;]. Pics: Stats: Log-In Screen: Bank: No AutoWin, any low ball offers or anything non related/swaps/other will be reported as spam.Selling Zerker w/ Torso and Fighter HatHere are pics:Extremely cheap nearly maxed [email protected]#[email protected][email protected]#%@154
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