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    [RSGP] Pro Staker 92/92/93 1 Prayer/Summ [RSGP]Hey guys , Mexico here and im now selling a raw love you staker. He owns most all stakers. This account is almost as pro as they get besides max. The pics below should pretty much talk for the account:) Rules: -I will not go first , however will use a PAID VMM at your expense -I will only take Runescape gold -Post here before adding my or your offer will not be considered -You must vouch after trade, as I will do the same (If successful ) A/W: 40M S/B: 15M - [email protected] great pure/skiller in one! 20/99/2, 7 99's![RSGP]So im selling this incredible pure, that you could basically turn into almost anything you wanted to. Please note, its also 96 con so not far from 99 and 83 dung. it has a chaotic staff and a frost book, and its capes otherwise its empty. Not sure on an AW yet, please leave serious bid's only. I'm taking RSGP for this account, nothing else. if you do want to purchase it, you will have to go first, or an OMM will be used, you pay fee's of corse. :)Selling Ags/Hybrid Pure With 95m and RARE NAME!STATUS:Online ACCOUNT STATUS:Still Selling :[email protected] AIM:[email protected] Selling level 83 pure that has 95m with EXTREMELY RARE NAME! Combat level 83 F2P :: Combat level 89 P2P Prices The pure WITH the 95m INCLUDED = $110 or 130M The pure WITHOUT the 95m included = $55 or 65m OR YOUR OFFER! NOTE::: I WILL SELL THE 95M IF YOU DONT BUY THE PURE WITH IT! NOTE::: I HAVE THE LOGIN PICTURE! But i will NOT post it on sythe. Message me on for it! Quests: Done about every single pure quest including... Desert Treasure , Monkey Madness , Animal Magnetism , Lost City , Rolving Elves , ETC..... Items: FILLED Zamorak Book, 2 FILLED Saradomin Books and 2 FILLED Guthix Books (Glitch to get 2 of them is NOW PATCHED!) , Adamant Gloves , ETC..... PICTURES Stats Bank Bank Bank Bank Networth - 96.9M ADD ME ON /AIM TO DISCUSS PAYMENT!selling zerker ! 99 hunter , 91 mage! i wanna sell asapwe can meet up in game and talk if you would like, i am leaving on vacation in a few hours and i need to sell the account asap! taking rsgp, or paypal, please pm me-RSGP- 99 Strength 99 MagicI will ONLY sell it for RSGP I had no luck sell it through western union so i'm trying RSGP Its fully quested, Desert Treasure Monkey Madness ect. ( addy gloves also) Here are the pics, I was recently cleaned so there NO MONEY ON IT. The Zammy Book is completed. Post your below, and How much you will pay for it. I'm taking all offer atm. Autowin: 100m My : [email protected] I will only go first to trusted people or we can use a MM99 Atk , Str , Range, Mage!!!SELLING GREAT PKER / STAKER!! Starting bid: 18$ (PP) or 20m rsgp A/W: 198$ (PP) OR 200M RSGP Methods: #1. i will go 1st to highly trusted sythe members #2. we use OMM (split fees) #3. you 1st. Post here or add my : [email protected][Rsgp] Hand cannon droppin pures [Paypal]I am selling this pure for Rsgp and for Paypal Post your offers no autowin right now. He is fully quested for hand cannon and also has void. This pure drops just about everyone his level and is very fun to use but I'm tired of it.[CHEAP]lvl 104 Bandos Pure | 99 Dung| 99 Agility| 99 Herb| 98 Str| Dclaws 3 Dung WepPayment and rules -I am selling this account for RSGP AND PAYPAL only. -Autowin is 150m or 160$ . Also accepting rares such as Santa hats, edibles, H'ween masks, etc. Willing to also sell for less than the a/w -I will go first if you are trusted, otherwise we can use a mm you pay fees. -Post here or add my : [email protected] The account has 3 chaotic weapons( Rapier, Cls, and staff) and herbicide + bone crusher. I am selling this account to work on my pure. Add my or post here and we can discuss prices and anything else.
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