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    Selling level 73 cb ranged tank! [RSGP]Pictures will pretty much say it all, post offers and ask for more info... : [email protected] this acct for 1 mem pin please !Will go first if trusted !! Here some Pics..Cmb lvl 61 its a fail acct !! Jus looking for 1 Mem pin please any1 !!!Buying Rollback'd Account with quest done thats got Def ROllback'd !!buying an account with Lunars/Dragon or b gloves/Ancients/ Must have got def reseted b4 Post here(paypal) buying STR or RNG pure. ASAP!!!Hey guys I got my one and only account scammed so now I have to buy another one. So Im looking for any account with high STR or range. There are not any requirements I just need an account. I'm willing to spend up to $40 throu paypal so post some accounts below. Put the account stats and you email and I'll get back to you quick. I need to buy TODAY!! I will no longer go first but to show you guys I'm trusted I will show you my acc which has 100 good feedback and all the payments were throu paypal. Post some good accounts!!Looking for starter pure ( 1 2)Looking for a pure w/ most quests done, nothing too low just something under roughly 50mil that i can purchase.50M For ObbyTank/RangeTank/SummoningTankObby Tank 1 Attack 80> Strength 70> Hp 40> Defence Range Tank 80> Range 70+ Defence 94+ Mage Lunar/Dt Completed Rune+ Gloves Nice if it had Handcannon Summoning Tank 70> Defence 55> Summoning 10 < Strength/Attack Addy + Gloves Post Below Post Link To Account Your And/Or Buying Initaite PureHi im looking for a nice 20def pure must have rune gloves and dt mm done stats dont really matter id like 80+range and 94mage the meele stats other than those dont matter (except def of course) post offers below only dealing with trusted and will use mm and recovery test.selling my pure cb 65 good accountWelcome Sythe community. I decided to sell my pure and other account as i dont really play on it. Starting bid: 10M Autowin: 30M We will use a OMM or you will go first.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.