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    [rsgp] Selling Turmoil Pure 98+6 [overloads] [93 Dung] [imbued]Hey guys quiting Runescape. Selling this account and all the information. School has become my priority now. No time for Runescape and it's boring. If you're asking why I'm selling this love you for RSGP, it's to sell it to my in game friend for IRL cash. Want to help him out because he helped me so many times throught a 3 year period. So here's my account. A/W: IDK not too high pm me on here i guess?[Tl-lE' Acc Shop][Account Bundle] [2 Mains + Range Tank] [CHEAP] [Prices Negotiable]Currently selling: 1 Range Tank Prices: Negotiable Yes I'm a newcomer but I have some vouches from a few of the biggest names in Sythe, Check my Vouch Thread out in the link BELOW: sythe/showthread.php?p=9610164#post9610164 I don't mind going first if you have vouches and you're trusted, if not then I'm more than happy to use a MM if you pay charged, and if not that then YOU go first! MY ONLY :[email protected] Add me on or PM me on Sythe, thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Account (Range Tank) Pretty nicely quested TBH: Desert Treasure, Animal Mag, Addy Gloves ect. If your worried about the recoveries and Email i can remove them instantly dont worry, you will also receive all the history of information as i am the original owner and creator of this account.86 Combat - 99 Dungoneering - Rapier - Maul - 273k Tokens - Rare Name ( 1 2)I currently have for sale my account "Ben." This is the original LOGIN name, not an email. Account has the following: Chaotic Maul Chaotic Rapier 273k Dungoneering Tokens Dungoneering/Fletching/Veteran Cape 20 Defence is quested 49k from 90 Strength, 5k from 72 Range RSGP, Western Union, and mail are the only accepted payment options, mail is the preferred option. Assuming one pays by mail, it will be overnighted in a card which is within a package. Note: I live in Virginia, USA. Bid away, if you're interested: post here/PM me/add my : [email protected] Current bid: 160M Autowin: 400M Membership as all been bought via upgradesSelling 60 att turmoiled rune pure (RSGP)Selling this account, dont play on it anymore. screeny here with stats: with filled zammy, ancient, armadyl book, rune gloves, almost fully quested, turmoil obviously, ardy cloak. Post offersSelling level 88 member-89 FletchAccepting best offer Paypal/RS gold Username: Crazyeyes135 0 Blackmarks, was a player moderator before I quit, Membership for 29 more days, all recoveries still on but will send with. No desire to recover account because I do not play it and haven't for over a year. Looking for $20 paypal or 30 mil Gold (price can be discussed and changed) Screenshots E-mail: [email protected] with questions/interest96range/95mage/zammy book 1def/firecape/3space nameIm selling my pure, Great for hybriding/tribriding. --- Also 3 spaces in name. Eg: "the_ _ _One" Payments are - {WU} & {RSGP} Main "QUESTS" -MM -DT -Got mith gloves -Elemental workshop II -Horror from the deep (Got full zammy + ancient Book) If intrested write down -Offer - Cb Lvl Stats ItemsLvl 73 pure with 99 hp and 89 strSo the title says it all. AND NOW HAS 90 STR Selling this awesome account Log in. As u see there are no recovery questions etc. Stats It has corrupt vesta long in the inventory aswell so its 9m bank worth and ready to be staking. Willing to sell it for 40m or less. It depends. willing to use s for the trade. And accepting only rsgp because i can sell it faster and recieve money for it to my own bank account. Offers post here with your address so i can add you if im interested. Thats all. thanks[RSGP] selling turm zerker with b gloveshas 197 qps, dt done, lunar done, sennisten done, and many more. Has torso defenders, b gloves. and 99 prayer! a/w:150m s/b:0 dropped autowin to 150m. want to sell so i can have some cash for my 1 def pure! still selling - online
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