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    [Selling Initiate Pure] All 20 def pure quests done. ( 1 2)Selling 20 def Initiate pure account, 75+5. ALL 20 DEF Pure QUESTS DONE. Almost all Korasi/Turmoil Reqs met. Fally/Varrock Lvl1 Tasks complete Ardy tasks nearly complete. Accounts never been botted, all manual. No Blackmarks or offenses NO EMAIL TO LOG IN. AW | RSGP - 40M AW | USD - 37$ ^ My apologies on the quality on that picture. I forgot to save as png. I will not go first an any given circumstance only if your a highly trusted member. We can always use an omm. I will work with you to remove the recovers once the purchase has been made. I have almost every bit of info on this account, I originally created it. USD payment will go through paypal. My is [email protected] lemme know if you're interested. a 1 def/atk/str range pureMust have 1 attack, strength, and defense. Pretty much just want an all out range pure 70+ range. Paying rsgp.buying pure. 400$Hey everyone. I'm buying a pure. Requirements. Adamant Gloves - OR REQUIREMENTS. must have a few 99's. They can be combat skills, No more then 20 defence. If it's 40-45 defence. The account MUST be 60 attack, with barrows gloves, from RFD. I'd like to have 99 ranged,magic,strength,hp. If possible. Willing to pay for OMM + FEES. The account doesn't need any wealth on it, whatsoever. Post your accounts + 's here.SELLING NEAR MAXED TURMOIL PURE! (IMBUDES)(92 dung) (94 summoing) (OVERLOADS) (HALO) ( 1 2)300m auto win! ONLY ACCEPTING RS GP! Message me on or post on here. name: ihateniggerswhitepower or brock--yates or come and talk to me in teamspeak ts details:[RSGP/PP] lvl 67 F2P Pure | 99 Range | 94 Str | 1 Def/PraySOLD to iRestrictedi for 80mBuying Agile puremust be quested add me on , ihateniggerswhitepower post here or pm on sythe agile 35- def 99 agil is an optionS> Godly 87 Zerker Quested!!91str 60attack 93magic 45def monkey madness desert treasure fremenik trials & more.Selling 60 ATT Pure, Addy Gloves, 80 Dung, Starter PureHere are some pictures of the account: The account has adamant gloves but needs DT doing then it is ready to go. It has the superheats for 85 mage banked. It has 200K dung tokens unspent ready to take whatever weapon you choose. Please post offers and leave your if you are interested.
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