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    [RSGP] F2P Rune Pure! ((80 STRENGTH)) [RSGP]Up for sale is my F2P Rune Pure. Made it and once I got to this point I got tired of it so I'm looking to sell for RSGP only. No PayPal please. - I am the original owner. - Never botted. - Never been a member. - Has a total of about 2m wealth (1m cash). - No black marks. - The account has recoveries set that will be given to the buyer upon purchase. - The account does not have an email address registered. Bank - Stats - Info - Black Marks - I will not go first unless you are well vouched for. If you aren't, you can go first or pay fees for an OMM. Post here or pm me offers.Looking for quested 40 def rune pure 60 attack.Hey, I'm looking for a quested rune pure and it must have 60 attack, not any higher, strength doesn't matter, I'm offering account swaps or RSGP. : [email protected] Thankyou.Selling Sweet Starter Pure! Rsgp/paedit a/w $25 via playerup or rsgp at 0.65$/m equivilant first of all. i am not the original owner of the account. the account was purchased from a very trusted member of sythe i have simply upgraded the stats a little bit now im hoping to sell on for a little profit the account comes with mith gloves and a few runes in the bank and membership that expires sometime around the 1st of july. what you will receive! Login Details first and second ever password all previous passwords (theres only two others) FULL access to the email address that is registered to the account. as well as the email being the same as the login Full set of recoverys my prefered sale method is playerup! but i will take rsgp. rsgp will only happen if a. i find your trusted enough for me to go first. b. we find a mm/omm we are both happy with or c. you go first (yes i know its not likely but im not looking for a scam im looking to pass this acc on!)Swapping Level 111 Main For A Pure With 99 Range/mageTITLE SAYS IT ALL TRADING MY LEVEL 11 MAIN THAT IS P2P FOR A GOOD PURE, ONE WITH 1 DEF AND A 99 IN A COMBAT STAT OR RANGE OR MAGE. ACCOUNT ALSO HAS FIGHTER TORSO AND FIGHTER HELM, FINISHED DESERT TRESURE, MONKEY MADDNESS ,RFD ECT. PM ME OR POST OFFERS HERE.Selling amazing zerker! 60-96-45 [RSGP]Note the D scim wielded (MM completed) Dragon RFD gloves, Lunar helm, Ghostly hat, Ava's accumulator. If you want proof of any other completed quests let me know.Swapping pure with 99 mage for League of Legends EU accountHey, I'm swapping this great pure for a level 30 league of legends account. Doesnt matter what champions it has or what it's solo que rating is (unless its under 1k) I will be giving all the information you want for the account (first passwords, creation date, recorvery questions, old bank pins, isp etc.) so that you can feel safe playing on it, unfortunately the account has recorveries and I don't know how to delete them, so if anyone knows a way on how to do that I would really appreciate help. Account is pretty much quested, MM,DT,Lost City, Addy Gloves etc. completed. Bank is about 500-700k. Please post with your adress or add me in league of legends, my nick is Ernandees. ONLY EU ACCOUNTS ACCEPTED! FIRST ONE TO OFFER WILL GET THIS ACCOUNT! Ps. This account also has a veteran cape and rsc cape. Also accepting 25 USD paypal for it, I still prefer the lol account though.Selling level 84. 4 days mems left, paypal, cheap!Just got bored of this account and need to get a pker so trying to make any money I can. It has about 500k worth of wealth left on it but that's obviously not much at all. I'll consider all offers.►►►|Donor|5k+ Traded|Ags Zerker W/3 99's|RSGP|PP|◄◄◄Hello this is Ags_Pure, and I'm here to offer you a high quality of account trades. If you like any account during your time in this thread simply post of add me on to inquire a price or simply ask a question regarding an account. Buy with confidence knowing you will have a safe trade and a safe account to play on with worrying about it being recovered! I'am the original owner of all of these accounts!!!! A/W: $40 or 65m (RSGP valued at .60) What trade includes? -ALL info from account, I keep a text document with all info about account, members pins, creation, and pass changes. -Everything you see in screenshot of account My Rules -I NEVER go first for anyone other than HIGHLY trusted persons. -Payment will be made through Paypal or RSGP -Post before adding -No swaps My vouches Login Stats (almost 17m xp in hunter) Quests Account wealth Thanks for reading If interested or have questions add me on or send a PM : [email protected]
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