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    Selling 3 Account's In 1 For 10m Rsgp | 99's/dungeon/g Altar| All 1k + TotalSELLING MULTIPLE RS ACCOUNTS FOR RSGP {LEGIT} >>> ALL MESSAGES WILL BE SENT OVER AIM OR SYTHE PM !NO EXCEPTIONS!VOUCHED + MUST SHOW PROOF WANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR INTERESTED IN ONE OF THE ABOVE ACCOUNTS? PM ME > Legit Seller < Thanks -kingk0er[[Paypal]] Starter Main, 99 Agility 99 Thieving And More! [[RSGP]]Hey guys, lucifer here, looking to sell of this account now that it has 99 agility =D not willing to go first, willing to use omm, but i am not paying the fees, im not taking swaps, only paypal/RSGP So i will take 50m A/w For Rsgp Or 42$ via paypal Conditions: your paypal must be verified, you must be using the same email as your verified paypal (for example, paypal email adress = [email protected], your email must match exactly as written, [email protected]) otherwise i will consider you as a scammer, trying to use somebody eles paypal account, or trying to use ur moms/dads paypal acc, or credit card so hit me up with some offers =D add me on if you got an offer =D [email protected]� 3 Cheap Accounts - A few 99's , Get yourself a deal! Pures-Skillers-Allrounders �I have 3 accounts for sale today going for a very cheap price , cheaper than you may think . Offers are open via . ADDRESS : [email protected] Account 1 : - Sold ______________________________ Account 2 : __________________________________________________ ______________ Account 3 : Preety Ownage PKER All Ready to PK __________________________________________________ __________ Buy Account 2 & 3 for $30USD If you seem interested please fill out this form below and add me on . Please note that i will only accept people who have either Pmed me there email address or filled the form out below (Just for Security Reasons) Interested Account Number : Address : I PM'D it to you / I'll write it here Have you added me on :Buying a Quested PureLooking to buy a quested pure, Addy gloves for 1 def, anything over 1 def i dont want. Needs to have ancients and gloves at the least. Post threads or pics and add my to dicuss.5x f2p strength pures rsgp/ppToday I have on offer 5 f2p strength pures.. I am the original owner of all accounts.. each account is identical with the following stats: 40Attack 60Strength 60range 45Mage a/w $20 each account inbox for infoQuitting RunescapeBasically im quitting scape as i've just started work and i dont have time to scape anymore, everytime i quit i used to come back but by selling my account i have nothing to come back to. Account Stats: 60 attack 81 strength 79 hp 85 range 94 magic 99 herblore 1 defence 45 prayer I have all pure quests done such as: Monkey madness desert treasure rfd/addy gloves i also have a bank of around 180m. Basically i want real life cash not RSGP. Please post offers below.5m Rsgp Zerker! 5m5m A/W RIGHT NOW (PM me) High hp! 82 fishing! Full void with range and mele helms! Needs to go!selling level 83 (97 str)level 83 erm mate failed and did a quest that got the pray and def up its done lost city and all quest needed for mm so now im not interested in the account anymore so offer away PM ME IF INTERESTED!
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