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    72+5 pure RSGP/PaypalYea uh everything is in the pictures, has mith gloves etc botted 80-90 range rest was chinned. Oh and dt done Taking paypal and or rs cash, ill figure out an A/W based on what offers are given. edit: 30k till 95 range Updated picture with quests[RSGP]Selling 94+7 Zerk. 90 Agility! 99 Thief!Torso/Firecape/Fighters Helm/Etc![RSGP]SOld to GOTOEL!!!! Thanks guys[rsgp/swap]combat 66 Staker For Sale[rsgp/swap]NOTE: Now accepting RSGP/Paypal only! Stats: Uploaded with Log-in Uploaded with Add my in sig[Ex-Admin] Lvl 61 Pure, 80 Dungeon, No Tokens Spentthose are stats, recovs, bank pin and email will all be reset. No idea on price, Current Bid: N/A No tokens have been spent, so you can buy what you like, no quests done either. Let's see some offers.[RSGP] Fantastic Zerker [CHEAP]Starting Bid: 1M A/W: 18M Contact: [email protected] Defence is quested. It has completed Desert Treasure & Monkey Madness. RFD is started! When you buy the account the MM will request an e-mail change and I will confirm it BEFORE you send the payment![RSGP]Selling lvl 85 pure 99 str 99 mage almost maxed!hey guys im selling my pure! 72 atk, 99 str 89 range 91 hp 99 mage 52 prayer 3 def theres DT MM addy gloves avas accumulator, Horror from the deep and all 6 prayer books filled on the account add me on with offers or post here! rsn is - kLnsey add me on .. [email protected] Thanks! stats pic----- quest items pic - lvl 67 awesome starter gs/slayer pureHey guys, I'm attempting to sell my pure again, I don't know how much he can sell for but im hoping for a decent offer, since im not very trusted we can a 50/50 trade, you'll see that im very reliable, and that the recoveries were set 2008 when i got back into that guy, quite honestly I can't remember them, but if you insist I try and think back and remember them, I will gladly try for you to delete (you don't even need them to delete anyway, I have a method that works in 2-3 hours instant ;p anyways, heres my pure, hes a pretty good one, those stats were all from druids, i got 20m from there getting those stats, it was worth it for the time put in I think[rsgp] nice zerker/rune purecombat 79. selling this zerker rune pure for rsgp. looking to sell it tonight. no email, pin, recovs, etc. hasnt been played on in years, created in about 2006. [email protected] . thanks!
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