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    [RSGP] Decent zerker for sale , 2 99's [10+ vouches]Hey guys im just selling my zerker currently as a 3 month membership pin on it and no recoveries, also has 2 99's , i don't mind if i go first or second , aslong as you can provide the money in game to prove you've got it befor we continue if you are interested add me on @ - [email protected] thankyou.Rapier StakerAmazing at whip stakes, most people don't even look up your dungeoneering! Also a great boxer. My is [email protected] The recoveries will be removed when I figure out how and I will change the email to yours. No A/W and the S/B is 50m. Serious offers only.Zerker 95+7. Barrow Gloves, Torso, Veng, Firecape, and moreHi, I'm done with this game and I would like to move on so I decided to sell my zerker. I will most likely only accept pay pal payments but depending on the circumstance I might accept rsgp. I will use a MM in my expense. Lastly NO ACCOUNT SWAPS!! Edit: It has Defender of Varrock done so it can do the turmoil quests without getting 46 defence, it is just missing the skill requirments. My zerker also has a handcannon, and I am the original owner and know all the information to the account. I also have some parts of the korasi sword requirements done such as 70 crafting, and 70 firemaking (just need 1 more lv) I no longer have a email registered but I do not know how to take away my recovery questions so the buyer has to manually change them once I give him/her the current recovery information Quests I assure you that this account is a very good pker. So here is some max hits with the armor bonuses I have (I don't have the weapons though) Whip Dragon Dagger Any godsword A/W is 60 dollars!!!82mage/range and 75 theif real good account only 25$ OBOSelling my ranger/mage so I can buy 2 gbs of ram for my computer to play another game. I want 25$ paypal or best offer. If you look untrustworthy or a scammer, dont even bother, and I know all the old scammer love you so you wont fool me. pics. my is [email protected] hit me up there for a transaction[RSGP][Paypal]Selling my Level 96 ZerkerBelow is a picture of all the necessary information about the account, I'm sorry about the cropping, something happened while uploading, I'm not quite sure. Anyways, Long story short, I have been getting into playing my main, and have mostly lost interest in this zerker, so I'm hoping to sell it for a relatively cheap price to fund some prayer (hopefully) The account has almost no bank, but I left some stuff to farm rocktails on the account (been using to fish rocks, as my main cant >_>) but has done DT, Lunar Diplomacy and has finished RFD(Recipe for disaster) for Barrows Gloves. So, Post your bids, not sure what to set a A/W at, ill look around the fourms and see what other zerkers are going for, then edit this post. Highest Bid: 60$ (offer of 75$ from usfine)[Sythe Member Since 08] Selling 40 defence turmoil pure|Veng|89Dung + MORE| [RSGP]Turmoil Pure Noticeable Stats + Achievements: - Vengeance. - Rune Gloves. - Turmoil. - Dagon Hai Robes. - 89 Dung (lost rapier) - Arcane Stream - Can get barrows gloves with 42 def. - Pk ready. Pricing + Rules: - No LOW ball offers. - RSGP only. - Starting bid: 50m. - Asking price: Unknown at this time. - Please post, or pm me your with offer. Pictures: By cody933 at 2011-06-18sell 99 str 65 deff pure 10m rsgp!!its 102 cb but its got tons of skills up and well worth it for only 10m rsgp its got lots of quests done pm me if intrested[$40-$50 USD] Buying Runescape Account [RSGP 20-30m][$40-$50 USD] Buying Runescape Account [RSGP 20-30m] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying RS Account, you can either go first or use OMM. If you are trusted with 65+ Voulches I'm willing to go first. Scammers are not welcome and you can leave now i'm not a stupid. PM me or [email protected] Account Req: I'm looking for a account with a 99 skill and preferably 94 mage.
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