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    Selling level 83 [NEARLY MAXED] Pure!! [RSGP]Hello Sythe I'm here to sell my nearly maxed pure because well, high level pking has got to me.. too many people running around with overpowered items, pjing, etc. This account has probably all the quests you'll ever need to do plus both those books are filled.. and we all know how damn expensive Unholy Book is these days..I am looking to sell my account fairly quick need money for my new pure I have started. (IF THE SMALL AMOUNT OF WEALTH ISN'T IMPORTANT TO YOU PLEASE TELL ME I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE IT ASAP) I will begin taking bids now BID AWAY!Buying 1-45 Def pure [SWAP] Look inside!Hello I am looking for a decent Pure with 1-45 defence mainly looking for zerker pures or rune pures. trading my Range tank for this account! Or doing a 30M A/W! NO PAYPAL! [email protected] NOW 88HP! Has 100+ Commendations for Pestcontrol! ALSO HAS A RARE NAME! RUNESCAPE ITEM BASED USED BY ALL TANKS!99 Atk 99 Str 99 Range 99 MageSELLING MASTER PKER / MASTER STAKER Starting Bid:15m or 15$ A/W:210m or 200$ Trade Methods 1. will go 1st if u are a trusted sythe member 2. will use OMM 3.50/50(depends) 4. you will go 1st IF INTERESTED POST OR ADD MY [email protected] Tank (Needs work) me at [email protected] Offer me for the account. Not looking for much[RSGP] Selling 2 great accounts! One Zerker and 1 Tank!Hey there everybody I'm selling 2 great accounts today for RSGP. I am the original owner of both and they have NEVER been botted on. EDIT: Both accounts also have 0 blackmarks! I will provide proof for you if you're buying. If you would like to know/see anything else, let me know! Account #1. Level 75 Zerker with 60 attack, 85 str, 45 def, 68 const, 1 Prayer and ofc 1 Summoning! This account has Monkey Madness, Fremmenick Trials, Dragon Slayer, and many more quests done! It has most of the requirements for DT excluding 50 mage and 11-13 prayer from the subquests! This account also has a fighter torso and rune defender!!! There is no set amount I'd like for this account, highest bidder wins. Account #2. Level 81 Range Tanker with ancients! Has 87 ranged, 82 mage, 60 defence, 76 const, 44 prayer, 1 Summoning and other high non combat skills! Includes 82 wc for money making the legit way! Both of these accounts come with everything you see, I will not remove anything unless requested. Yes, both accounts do have recovery questions but I will remove them and/or give you all of the information. If you're trying to scam, don't waste your time! We will use an OMM unless you're extremely trusted! There is no set bid I'd like, the best offer wins for either account.Selling a BEAST **Quested* Initiate Pure With 96 Strength |94 Mage|Sold.[PAYPAL/RSGP] Selling Amazing Box Staker 93/74/96 with 1 Pray and Summ. 200Mill+ Won!: [email protected] Will not go first. Use Trusted . Accept Only RSGP and Paypal! I am the original owner of the account. Pic:selling maxed dds/d claws pure [combat 74]hey selling my maxed 60 att pure. i want to go first but you have to be trusted otherwise omm. im not going to bother asking anyone to go first. accepting rsgp or a swap. pm offers
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