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    [pp][gp] Selling Incomplete Turmoil Pure | Look! |Hello, welcome to my thread. I'm selling a 90 cmb turmoil pure, atm it is at 88 pray but with the account comes 8.6k D bones, wanting to sell this for paypal/swap or rsgp. Don't expect me to go first if you are not trusted please. D.T MM and all quests for lunar diplomacy done. Edit, now 92 str and comes with 50m cash - - - Add my : [email protected] if you have a serious offer, please post on this thread first though.mauler for saleThis acc is 50 attk 83 str 76 range. offer rsgp look it up "cookiesand". if interested add me on "[email protected]"[rsgp]maxed Pure|dt|addy Gloves|firecape|mm|lost City[rsgp]DT|Addy Gloves|MM|Losty City|Elemental I & II done No recoveries or email are registered. Autowin - 120m. You can contact me via @ BobGreen94 Note: I will also provide you with previous passwords, old recovery information, previous member information, and creation dates if you are a legit buyer. Happy bidding.Selling level 80 Runescape Account - RSGP Open to compromise!!I don't know how to upload pictures, sorry I'm a noob. Email/Im me at [email protected] for information and pictures!Selling Zerker 99 str 99 range 99 mage [70 DUNG]closed.[Paypal/RSGP] Selling my lvl 105 Maxed Zerker Pure w/ 94 Magic + Vengeance! [TRUSTED] ( 1 2)Hey I am getting tired of pking and moved on into staking. I want to sell my zerker pure to the highest bidder. Combat level: 98 Quest Completed: Dragon Slayer, Lost City, Lunar, Frem Trails. Accept Paypal or RSGP Will not go first if you are not trusted. I am willing to use a Official for this trade. : [email protected] Post all Offers Here![RSGP] LvL 75 staking account!I am currently in the process of selling this account and was wondering how much it might go for, and if the price is good enough I might even sell it as is. Also, i will be giving the recovery questions for the account... you must go first or Pay for an MM (prefferably Scottayy) or OMM, and I am the original owner. I am new to sythe but I know all of the common scams, so dont waste my time. : [email protected][RSGP] Selling LVL 86 Staker | 80ATT | 70STR | 75DEF | 75HP | 1 PRAY/SUM | 80DUNG | ( 1 2)That's right guys, I'm selling a PRO level 86 staking pure for RSGP! He has no blackmarks, and he's totally security free! As you can see, he also still has membership. That's a nice little bonus to go with the staking account, but it wont last for ever, so post away some offers. I will happily go first to people with high trust, otherwise we can use a MM or OMM. As far as price goes, I'm not quite sure. As you can see, I'm kind of new to this thing, and I'm thinking maybe like 50M based on previous threads I've read. Feel free to shoot me any offer though, and I'll be happy to consider it. Please don't consider me a scammer due to my low post count and low vouch count. We all have to start somewhere guys and it'd be awesome if I could have my first deal go nice and smooth. Thanks guys.
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