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    Buying 1 def dt pure 70 range 82 mage insane offer!!!Well basically i really want a low cb acc with 70 range 82 mage with dt done, i am offering my in work rune pure (rune gloves, can wield hand cannon and veng reuquirments!) Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling lvl 64 pure-94 mage-94 hunterthe account has 60 attack |65 str |1 def| 75 range| 25 prayer |96 mage |96 hunter| 54hp |---------pics will be up shortly---------probs take first offerLevel 70 Starting Main/Skiller! RSGP or PPHey guys, I'm here to sell my RS account that i don't play on anymore ill post some pics and take a look and bid on it please. -No A/W's atm just bids -If you go first then there's no need for a MM or OMM. If not then you pay for MM or OMM -Account is mine. I started it -No E-mail is registered but recovery questions are. I'll give you those. -Any questions PM me -Thanks , Adrian|RSGP| Selling Lvl. 96 ★ Staker ★ |RSGP| Rapier ✔ | 1 Prayer ✔ |Hello all, I am selling my Lvl. 96 Rapier staking account. I decided I want to make a new account with prayer as I don't have a main so I'm going to sell this one. Because of that, I am looking for RSGP and not IRL cash. Considering all offers.. post or PM me here on Sythe or alternatively add me on : [email protected] I am open to use free trusted MM's at your request. If you are trusted, I will go first. Account: -No Quests -No items except Chaotic Rapier -No Blackmarks -No Recoveries -No e-mail Account update: 88 Attack 82 Hitpoints 97 CombatSelling Rare resetted Pure. ( 1 2)Hello Sythe i've got this re-setted Zekre to sell wich is a "pure" now. i won't go first in any point unless your extremly trusted!; why? bcus of scammers.. had an episode when a buyer went on my account buyed gravite love you for my 200k tokens then logged on messenger without paying n love you so i had to recover.. this is the same point... dont wan't this account defence trained, then its worthless. Contact: [email protected] Youtube: Dintaber : pr01337 im rarely on my messenger bcus i don't have it on this computer, but i check my emails often + inbox on email so i prefer thoose two things, but trade will happend via. Messenger ofc.. Hello sythe i just wanted to make this quick just to see if anyone is interested pictures and stuff will come up later! just a little quick one.. 10 Defence Dragon slayer + Nature spirit completed already have rune gloves.. Questes needed for dragon / Barrow gloves = Hero's quest. so this pure can get barrow gloves at only 20 defence.. wanna go turmoil pure with barrow gloves? only defence quest needed for turmoil is "defender of varrock" + "What lies below" thoose 3 questes = 10-30 defence. So this account can have Turmoil + Barrow gloves at 30 Defence. Account has 80 ranged 50 attack 44 prayer 80 magic 93 woodcutting with Wc cape (Can't wear it) Ancient + Guthix god books with pages in both. Can prove account in-game by quick chatting my defence wearing my gloves + defender and also go to crandoor with you wich you need to complete dragon slayer for . Membership till october. = 1month or so. its 62+6 Combat. Pictures are comming soon! Uploaded with Current bid: 30M No A/W.[RSGP] Selling level 68 g mauler [RSGP]Selling this g mauler for rsgp I'm not the original owner but i've had the account since it was level 15, which was about a year and some more ago. The account is two gloves off mithril gloves and rock climbing boots. combat 68 Offers? A/w 250m (Don't worry just A/w)sell cb 63 pure/mage99,cooking 91/total 825!nvm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5443 45849q847590q45q957q458q45q47q875q77846q78346q3487 q36432378334434763424468468343434674363464q3874763 4q243643q764q6743764478943342743793427432743743794 374374439348734783478943342789q2348935695369579579 5477457457645q765476q4576457659575797457945qq8oqo8 4548q3589q34875798q475q75q754389Ownage Reseted Turmoiler Pure! | Has firecape,Rune gloves, korasis, rapier,maul, etc!My email: [email protected]************************** ******************** Well, since I got bored from runescape, and my younger brother is still playing, he really wants RSGP for the incoming double exp weekend, so I am Selling my turmoiler for RSGP, even a few p2ps could be acceptables since i bot in accounts for irl cash. Don't waste my time if you're not trusted, I'm not going first for no1, only if I see you're very trustable ( like 80 or more feedback). I'll happily accept OMM at your expense, even 50/50 if it's a good deal. **** NOTE: GOT BONES FOR 95 PRAYER ON BANK, look @ 2nd pic!**** This is my account: Post here your email and add me or pm me via this forums and if I get interested I'll reply you back. Cheers ;D
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