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    Buying accounts with high strenght, magic and range.I'm looking for accounts with at least 94 magic, 90+ ranged and at least 85 strenghth. My pref is to pay with Paypal but I can do RSGP if needed. They all don't need to be on one account. I'll buy one with only 1 or 2 of the requested stats. You can add my : [email protected] PM or leave your below and post a link to you selling thread, thanks.Buying PKER. 10-15mBuying decent pker. I will offer anywhere from 10-15m[RSGP]85CB;93 Str Pker pure!I have a lv85 Pure, 1 Summoning, 93 Str! YES! The email WILL be removed/changed per buyers request. This would be a good AGS Pure for anyone just starting out! Accepting RSGP Only! Starting: 5M A/w: 35M I am # On the price. Login: Stats: Bank: Add me on or post here to discuss a price. : [email protected] lv 72 Pure!!! 94 mage 86 rangeDeleted deleted1 Defense 11 prayer Granite Maul Prodigy!Combat: Stats: As of right now this account has 85 range and 84 strength. I will try and post a new pic tomorrow. Quests completed: Already has most of the requirements for Desert Treasure. No recovery questions and no registered email: Auto Win is 30m On this account Wind Blast to G maul rushed a kid and k0ed him for about 2m loot and took his Arcane Stream Necklace off his neck. This truly is a Prodigy Pker. My is [email protected], add me. Post offers and s here.[PAYPAL] Selling AMAZING STAKING Account! Rapier! [PAYPAL]Just trying to sell it quick. I will not go first. Either you go first or get a VMM, meaning a verified person. You pay all fees. Add [email protected] for any questions. Doesn't have any money or quests done. Just made for boxing/whip staking. Selling for 40$ Paypal.[PP] Selling 1 Defence Pure - READ - [RSGP] Combat 70+5Hey guys. I know i dont have any vouches or rep. But i am interested in selling my pure account. For the most part i am going to try to quit runescape so i would rather paypal. If you want to buy this account for RSGP you will have to top the highest Bidder with $0.60/Mil. The Skills- Attack-60 Strength-80 Range-81 Mage-91 Hp-73 Hunter-80 Woodcutting-79 Agility-60 The Quests- (the ones worth mentioning) Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Animal Magnetism Grand Tree Horror From The Deep Tree Gnome Village Troll Stronghold The Items Miner
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