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    Selling 99 Woodcutting/ 15mTitle says it all! I am the ORIGINAL owner. I have ALL informationpure 90 magic| 99 wc level 59| cheap| PP or RSGPselling this awesome pure that has 90 magic almost. and 99 wc. DESERT TREASURE FINISHED add me on if interested. [email protected] Raiper Pure Cmbt 83 $100!My Chaotic Pure Proggie! Thanks To Bots I Have 4 Def , 31 Prayer Was Intentional. This Account Is Very Bad For My Gold Selling Business Because its Really Easy For me To Stake & Win, But Some times i Lose. Why Am I Selling It? I'm Tired Of Botting Runescape Now, Leaving My Computer On All Day And All Night. Combat Level 83 Lead Bid:??? Auto Win:200M RSGP $100 Cash Money, Green Dot Money Pak, WU, Wells Fargo Bank Transfer I Bought Upgrade With My CC, Will Provide Necessary Information. Never Set Recovery's/ Email. No Swaps Thanks!Amazing pure - Can mold into anything. (RSGP)I made this account and have owned it for about 4 years. Haven't played on it at all in the past several months, and really have no use for it anymore There are only a few irrelevant quests completed, haven't done any member ones yet. However, that also makes this pure perfect for whatever you want to make it into. Stay f2p and range/2h, quest 60 attack and go mems, etc. Asking price is 48m, which is actually only 43m because of the items on the account. I would prefer to deal with a trusted buyer (10+ vouches), if you're someone with 18 posts who joined last month, don't contact me asking for me to go first LOL.Beast pure - 1 def - Ice barrage | 86 Ranged | 78 StrengthWelcome Sythe community. Why im selling this? Well basically because I havent touched this account for atleast 5 months and decided to simply get rid off it. What im looking for? Im looking for around 15M rsgp. Pics: To contact me: [email protected] Or post your offer hereawesome account made in 2001!!!!!!!hey guys this is my treasured main acount i have since the start of runescape. This account has seen it all!! it has easter bunny ears from the 2003 easter drop. it has vets cape and classic cape. This account is perfect for those who want the 10 year vets cape when it comes out next year!!! im looking for a decent anount of rsgp to start up a new pure and fresh start so comon guys bid away! rsgp only! p.s. it has had over 50 days playing time thats over 1100 hrs! im new to this whole account trading thing and will use a mm or omm i will also reset recoverieslvl 60 claws pure (good theiving/farming) awesome name!!seling a lvl 60 claws pure, account wealth is roughly 5m. the name alone is worth 6mill. just re-upped the membership, good account offers please taking rsgp or paypal (verfied) a pure rapier staker/pker ( 1 2)ujyjuyu
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