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    Good start for turmoilers (94 magic)Hey guys I'm here to get vouches and trust before I do bigger deals, I'm going to sell and or give away some cheap stuff. I'm selling this account for $ through PayPal. I am in no rush to finish this deal, but I will not ask for that much money. It has mithril gloves, MM done and also DT. All information will be provided. You pay if you wish to use one. No black marks. Bid away guys.initiate pure 72+5 cb, quested, dt, rune glovesdelete this thread please i made a new onePure with 3001 zeal's and my guide to win ALOT of gp :) ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Same thread as in other accounts but this is a pure so that one is wrong section In th is 300MILL RSGP W 80m been sitting and really not interested, made a pure and need cash for him. Perfect base for a barrows main, not a lot of work left.SELLING 75 Strength pure ( 1 2)will only accept paypal. only trading with trusted members. No email set, no recovery questions, and no membership.sell 30 def 79 str guy only 5milMM done lost city done proselyte armor done has addy gloves has 70 quest points will go first to trusted sweet log in name 2shared/photo/Lcos6XEE/1_online.htmlSelling Lvl 63 Dds Pure Last Login 557 Days Agohello i am selling this for rsgp please make offers please post offer with ur or [RSGP]Selling Amazing Reset Pure[RSGP]Yo, this is my reset pure. It was level 133 when it originally got reset. My funds are to low and i don't play this account very often anymore. Thought it would be better for someone else that would use it to have it. Private message me your email and offering price and ill add you and we can talk about it. The account is f2p so it cant show curses on or change the stuff.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.