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    [rsgp][paypal]nearly Maxed Pure[60 Att][fc]Pictures speak 1000 words. Email and recovs will be removed on purchace. contact : [email protected] A/w: 120m $120 Anyone intersted whatsoever?[RSGP & Paypal] Selling Level 92 Staker 83/74/87 75 Magic for Sol! 1 Pray and Summon!Selling Level 92 Staker that has won over 25Mill+. Willing to use (free or paid). Accepting RSGP or paypal. Willing to do recovery test. I am the original owner and will provide all information with the trade. Contact me on at: [email protected]{rsgp} Selling Level 91 Barrows Pure {rsgp}i am currently selling this account because my friend quitted his twin wich was just as this one and so i see no point of playing with it anymore it is currently undergoing the email adress change and recovery questions but i will give all those to you including previous passwords/creation date/internet provider i have already sold 1 main account on this website and my experience was great offers start at 5m please post, send pm or add my wich is [email protected] payment goes like this you pay half i give password you pay other half i give recovery details simple as that and no i wont go any other way if you want we could use a middle man even tho i dont trust them the account has no cash at all as me and my friend took all there cash and items out and left it only with non trades i could putt up to 20m on itKillers Acc Shop Pkers & Duelers!! ( 1 2)hey guys just selling a few of my pkers rsgp & paypal only gl bidding 1stats recovs 2stats done monkey and preist in peral recovs 3stats recovs 6stats recovs[RSGP]selling a lvl 75 1 def 1 pray 60 atk 99 str 94 hp[RSGP]hey guys im selling my very good staker that can also be a very good clean pker, I made over 700m on this account but I transfered it to my main before I pull something stupid and go all in and lose it all and I want to get rid of this account so I wont be tempted to stake on it again. A/W 80m This account has no recoveries or email, I will not accept swaps or paypal. RSGP only I will not go first I will do 50/50 with people that are a bit trusted other than that you must go first or we can use a very trusted MM or OMM you pay fee's. stats: login:[RSGP] Selling 90 Zerker PureI take RSGP. Not sure what I am looking for or what others will give me, but offer away. We will use OMM if you want, but you pay fees. Post offers or PM me. 90 Zerker Pure[rsgp]Good starter void/serker pure! [cheap]Hello all, back with another account to sell. Currently selling my starter voider/serker account. i'm taking rsgp only. i am original owner of the account, and the buyer will recieve every piece of information need to recover the account. it has a user logg in, not an email logg in. Account has about 20 days of membership left, which is plenty of time to get you traing on! here are pictures My A/W is 20m. but if i can sell it today, i will take less. leave a comment if interested, and add my msm also, [email protected] lvl 80 (99str,91rng,91mage)(RSGP) ( 1 2)Hey im selling this beast pker.. -DT,MM, both done. Addy Gloves. All pure quests are done. -3mill in bank -ONLY accepting RSGP -I will not go first! So scammers please dont bother posting.. -Please post bids and email thanks =} -Being sold for my friend, add his [email protected]
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