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    ![Paypal] Selling Amazing Rapier Pure CMB 87 insane stats [Paypal]!Hey all, Selling a very good rapier/barrage pure, this guy absolutely dominates in wild when played right Current stats - 80 Atk 96 Str 11 Def 82 Range 43 Prayer 99 Mage 99 Hunter 89 Dung Unfortuently no cash and no mems, you can do all that once you buy :p Has addy rfd gloves, dung mage necklace thing, umm a love you load of dung points left. No recovs, no bank, no email EDIT: SORRY FOR THE PICS BEING SMALL/HARD TO SEE, JUST CLICK ONE OF THE THREE LINKS, AND HOVER OVER THE IMAGE UNTIL THE ZOOM ICON APPEARS, THEN CLICK THAT A/W - $100 / Offer with RSGP PM ME OR POST HERE! TY!99 strength pure! 70 cb! 60 attack! 99 mining! for sale for rsgp.I just started playing runescape again about 2 days ago and made a new pure account, i'm getting very bored of this pure and he's not p2p anymore and i don't really want to make him that so i'm just going to sell him for rsgp. you can offer, This is 100% my account and has no blackmarks what so ever and has never had any previous owners. 100% safe. Nothing really anymore on the account. when i did play him i had over a 200m bank (before i got cleaned) because he really can stake and pk claws all the time. i'm just bored with the account honestly and have no intention of making him members so i would like to sell this account for rsgp for my new range pure. hosting images wordpress image upload hosting imagesSelling great pker ( RSGP ONLY )- Looking for rsgp only, spare account I don't play on anymore, never has been banned, no black marks, and never botted on.Selling lvl 82 /99Ranged/40def/ [PP]or[RSgp]Ill take PayPal or RsGp post away[PayPal] 70 89 1 pray 13Accepting PAYPAL as GIFT only. we will figure something out if we are going to be using an MM. im the maker of it, im the only person ever to log on it only1 to know details, which will be provided. ALSO i dont need no bullshit offers/swaps.[RSGP]60 Attack 1 Def|94Mage|Fire Cape|Fully Quested[PP]So i'm selling my 1 defence pure either for Rs Gold or Paypal A/W=50M or $40 Paypal I can meet you on the account ingame for verification if necessary My is : [email protected] feel free to add me and we can talk. Pics of the acc Add on or post here, Thanks.[$Donator] Range Tank | 99 Mining | DT DONE | 104 Quest Points [RSGP]hello lads, today i am selling another account. but first of all my terms and conditions. I Only: Accept RSGP via in-game trade Accept payments via Paypal - Gift, all other received payments will be REFUSED immediately. Accept Paypal - Gift that have a note attached stating "I have received my purchased item, therefore i have no intention of refunding the payment." Use an OMM if you would prefer not to go first, you pay fees. Sell genuine accounts that fully belong to me of which i am the original owner. You are aware that: I log all conversations / Sythe PM's / thread discussion before the transaction is made. You will receive all the information regarding your purchased account immediately after i have accepted your payment. I have ZERO TOLERANCE with scammers/spamming/ridiculous offers. I do not accept ANY files via . By trading with me, you agree to my terms and conditions. The account: IN THE TOP 4,800 PLAYERS FOR MINING! post offers below, serious offers only, pathetic ones will be considered spam accepting: RSGPSelling My Main With 94 WC [No Set Price]Selling my main because i don't play anymore want payment on PayPal and i will only go first if you are trusted or if we use a . I will not set a price instead i want bids, highest bid wins... Black Marks Quests Skills
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