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    [Selling] Level 81 Pure! [82+ Dungeoneering] [99Ranged/94Magic] [80Att/83+Str]-SOLD 150M- I will not go first - OMM may be used at your expense : [email protected] General Information: 82 Dungeoneering RFD (Adamant gloves), DT, Lost City, Animal Magnetism, ... In the top 250 for Thieving 99 Ranged/94 Magic 1 Summoning (Has charms for 50+) Combat Level: Stats: Quests/Items: --- -- Payment Methods Accepted: RuneScape Gold WU -- Vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by Al3xandre He's a friend of me. Refered to sythe. Got me 2 capes. Good luck with your firecape shop ~~Al3x~~ Quote: Originally Posted by gd m Huge vouch from me, transfer went smoothly and i went first, he then got my cape very quickly and smoothly thanks again mate Quote: Originally Posted by sakii Vouch for Lex!! He went first and xfer went fine cept for the 126s lolz Highly Trustworthy Quote: Originally Posted by Lama king Vouch for lex! All went smooth. Trusted him with bank pin!!!!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by MantasBig Big vouch for this guy,everything went smooth,I reccomend his services as they're cheap and good Quote: Originally Posted by Sacred Lex FTW. He failed first cape due to a DC, however did it again half price, overall extremely happy because it saved me some dosh. Definately going to be a successfull buisness. Hope well do buisness again some day (y)! Quote: Originally Posted by Temp Knight trust lex his pro fire caper Quote: Originally Posted by king.queen.ace VOUCH for Lex, he did it quickly, couldn't be happier with my fire cape. Thanks again Lex. YOUR AMAZING!!![PAYPAL] Selling level 80 rune pure, 94 range, veng, etc.sold.Super Low Lvl With [Turmoil] [Mith Gloves] [Decent Bank] [RSGP] ( 1 2)iClose This Making New 1[07][$500+][Paypal/RSGP] Buying Berserker PurePost here. 48- Defence Wont trade if I dont deem you trusted. If I do, I'll go first.Selling Zerker Gr8 stats! For RSGPnvm soldSelling Lv69 Pure1. first come first serve 2. bank is empty 3. this is a very good melee pure, destroys wild 4. ive got another pure that i play, so i dont need this at all. 5. i dont save my vouches, but ive been around for awhile. 6. if you wont go first, we will use an OMM, you pay fees Quests DONE: Animal Magnetism MM Prerequisites Black Gloves Lost City Mountain daughter horror from the deep will unregister email once i get paid. looking for RSGP A/W 20M i dont have , message me on here.Selling 4 accounts! [RSGP]ALL SOLD! Thank you. Awaiting 4th vouch![Ex-Mod]Selling maxed initiate pure![RSGP]Hi. I'm selling my maxed initiate pure for RSGP. I've put a lot of time into this account. What it comes with: Addy Gloves Fully Quested 99 Strength This account is completely cleaned and has nothing on it absolutely except the firecape. ] I'm accepting RSGP. I'm not wanting to go first due to scamming issues. But upon me receiving you'll receive all of the account information immediately, as I have it all prepared. I'm wanting a good amount of GP. So, If you could, bid appropriately . I don't have an autowin. I'll leave you to the bidding. Enjoy . My is [email protected] Always PM before a trade.
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