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    99str/mage/range/wc 60 att DT done All quest done 35milSelling my pure I don't play Runescape My guide lines... You go first Or OMM you pay fee's NO SWAPS... I QUIT RS I'm too old... HAS BANK PIN even tho nothing is really in it NO EMAIL NOR RECOVERIES I AM ORIGINAL OWNER Only taking local trade or MoneyGram or PAYPAL99 hp!!! 87 range 66 combat!! staker!!Hey guys, I'm selling my 99 hp 87 range 66 combat staker! I, under no circumstances will go first.. We WILL use OMM and YOU will pay fees STATS! COMBAT!! [email protected] Selling level 81 Rapier Staker [RSGP]Selling level 81 Rapier Staker! This account is very good for staking and has proved to have about a 8;10 win ratio. The Account currently has registerd email and recoveries however recovery tests can be done with the buyer and all essential info will be provided to you. I will most likely not go first unless you a trusted trader with numerous vouches. It has never had blackmarks and has about a 500k bank that is in items. MM's can also be used at YOUR exspense. Feel free to post an offer here or contact me via . I AM LOOKING FOR RSGP ONLY. : [email protected](6k + Traded) Perfect Range Staker/Pker (25vouches)Has a pretty nice name. +1 month of membership left. Stats Combat Contact: [email protected] = Tanksta.rsb = Selling Lvl 98 AccountPost offers below. Were using a trusted middle man. You pay the fees. Stats Bank Membership Quests It has Monkey Madness done and The Fremmenik Trials. If interested hmu on Aim. My Aim is [email protected] range tank 99 range...(No ScammerS)Need a good range tank account no level as possible looking for 99 range on that acc, and willing to pay paypal or rsgp Contact me fast if you have one, just pm my inboxSelling lvl 63 def pure for 10m/$8*Monkey madness and Horror from the Deep COMPLETE *Veteran's cape @ 63 combat *FILLED Book of Balance (worth ~4.5m) *Only 10m or $8! (Only trusted members can pay with cash[must be paypal]) The account does have recoveries but I will give you them along with all original account information.selling qustes zerker..closed
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.