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    Looking to buy a pure...Hello guys. I'm looking to buy a maxed range pure it must be and have: Range - 99 Mage - 94+ Attack - Under 70 Strength - Under 70 Defence - 70 to 75 Prayer - 52 HP 85+ Can't be higher that 100CB. If you have something like this post a comment, PM or add me on . - [email protected] Maxed PureSelling Maxed Pure For Irl Money Or Rsgp[SELLING] Lvl 64 Defense pure! RSGP 70 attk/72 def close to DFS! MUST SEE!No swaps RSGP only . No recoveries, no email as you can see We can use a MM at your expense, but I will not be going first Please make offers, heres the pics:Selling level 67 with 76 att and 81 str! 1 DEF! ( CHEAP! )Hey guys, selling my starter pure here. Please post offers here! Looking for rsgp or paypal. Paypal is preferred! Offer away! lvl 68 gmaul rusher.User is Dafatt Pjer and have two videos on youtube of me rushing. Stats are 57att 84str 1def 42range 99magic 43prayer 59hp. This account has great potenial to build on and would like sell for RSGP only to help out my friend who got hacked and also i have multiple accounts so selling this one has no effect to me. Bidding starts now.Selling Pro Rapier Staker! 99 Attack! 99 Strength! 1 Prayer!Whats up guys, skrill_ex here looking to sell another one of my amazing accounts. For this account i'm really only looking for rsgp. ive given up on staking, and plan on only pking for now on. i dont know how to quit while im ahead and im sick of going from 2.5b to nothing in the matter of minutes. Hopefully someone else will have more self control and enjoy this account as much as i did! RSGP ONLY~~~~~~~ Stats: combat: inv: make me an offer i cant refuse and its yours. i guarantee you will make your money back in minutes after purchasing this account! [email protected] Lvl 92 Amazing Box Staker - 88 ATT/68 STR/86 DEF/84 HP + 1 Pray/Summoning!Combat level 92 Willing to use . I am the original owner of the account. I have had great success box staking with this account. No Recovery's or Email Ever Set on Account! : [email protected] quested out turmoil zerkerso i want to sell my zerker it's not maxed but all zerker quests done like dt, lunars, fremmenink trials rfd ( b gloves). i would like to sell it for real cash, there's still memb so if u want to be memb buy it fast . here's some photos for price offer here or pm me
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