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    [RSGP] Selling MAXED Pure - Cheap ( 1 2)Sold.selling lvl 86 dung acc [w/1 defence] paypal $15 must go todayTo buy private message me or post on here thanks or im an experienced account seller so dont try to scam me. or add my [email protected][RSGP] 50-99-1 Gmauler [Epic] Sw Prod - 86 Mage - Must SeeHey everyone I'm selling this awesome pure for RSGP only. Autowin - 50M : [email protected] : Mw2_Monster99Hunt Pure/Started StakerHey Account4sale Here Again, this time selling a started Main with 99hunt Login; Stats; ~Note ;Email will be deleted if i found a buyer. ;Bank is like 150k. Post Offers/Email Bellow 40m Autowin! Not Going first unless trusted/ 100+Vouches Otherwise using mm Or vmm(u pay) Maxed rune pure/zerker OR maxed range tank! RSGPI'm looking to buy 1 of 3 accounts: Rune pure, Zerker, or a Range tank. Rune pure 40-99 Atk 99 Str 40 Def 99 Range 85 Magic 0-43 Pray 80+ Hp Zerker 40-99 Atk 99 Str 45 Def 99 Range 85+ Magic 0-43 Pray 80+ Hp Range Tank 40-70 Atk 99 Str 75-99 Def 99 Range 85+ Magic 0-43 Pray 80+ Hp The only quest I desire completed is Dragon Slayer. There doesn't have to be any wealth. You must be the original owner and have ALL of the previous information of the account. You must be able to provide proof of ownership, pillars, login, and stats upon request. I will also perform a recovery test. This is going to be purely for F2P. Either leave a post, PM me, or add me on ([email protected]). NOTICE: The account MUST NOT have an email registered, MUST NOT have membership, MUST NOT have recoveries set. We will used an OMM/Mod at my expense. Reminder: I'm only offering RSGP. Thanks.Selling level 86 5 year old account (over 150 mil in items)Hey guys, browsing the web and seen this site and thought Id give it a try...ive been on and off runescape since 2006 it has been level 86 for 3 years now it has santa costume from the 2008 event and a few other event items in 2009 I quit for 2 years and recently returned and noticed the value in some of my items have went up by some bit and thought I would sell it to someone who would truly appreciate the really is tough to let go of this as I have had this account since I was 14..and I turn 19 in a week but I think it is the right thing to do. also has membership till sept 6th I believe and it runs out without auto update. here is some useful info on the account has a rune set..a rune t...g...guthix...zammy..sara..santa hat..zammy cloak etc.. pics below I only accept paypal..from sites this account appears to be worth around the 180$ area please inbox me with your best offers...god bless .selling pro stakerpayment accepted in cash in cash via paypal preferably. im happy to use an mm but any fees will be paid at your exspemse. no autowin currently set [​IMG] [RSGP][Paypal] Need 99 Farming or 99 Herblore Account [RSGP][Paypal]Hey guys, the topic pretty much explains it. I'm looking for a 99 farming or 99 herblore account. The other stats on the account do not matter to me at all. Will pay with RSGP or Paypal verified, so please post up your price on the account. will be used to trade, as i will not go first! **Only will go first to those i deem trustworthy with tons of vouches** Thanks guys
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