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    Selling Ultimate Turmoil Pure (95 Pray/30Def)Hey guys, Quit runescape about 3 months ago, looking to sell this account and use the cash for my real life hobbies like Mask making and Casting, The account comes with over 35m cash and various items the add up to probably over 500k. The recovery answers can be given or deleted along with all passwords since the account was created, this account is unique, do with it what you will, looking for serious buyers, nobody with a shitty track record on sythe I don't want to deal with you, Not accepting RSGP as I have no intent to use it lol, looking for Paypal, thanks, the messages are all members messages, and the account has no offences. Thank you. EDIT: Forget to add the quest tab proving temple at sennisten is complete, remember that all the quests takes over a month to complete and took a lot of hard work, never used third party software on this beaut.76combat 99str mage and miningI can meet in game if you want. The account has 3def though haha. Only made him level up oone combat level though so it really doesn't affect pking. Pm me or call me if interested. Taking rsgp and paypall. 7138208203Selling 82 cb I couldnt screenshot held wealth because I'm not a member so I couldn't pricecheck all the members items. It's not very wealthy, only about 3m cash and then the items you see there. Has completed Zammy book, 2 sets of ghostly robes, fighter torso, up to dragon gloves in RFD (just need a few more QP for final fight), great stats to get a Fire Cape, Monkey Madness completed, tons of other important quests done. I couldn't delete the recovery questions completely so I changed them all to simple things that anyone can figure out upon reading them. No email login, and it has a 3 letter display name (not that this really increases the value, its just a bit unique). Looking to start at $40. Paypal only. You can contact me the fastest by adding me on AIM and talking to me there, my sn is beefconspiracy. This is my first time selling an account, so sorry if im forgetting something or doing something wrong.[$40-$50 USD] Buying Runescape Account [RSGP 20-30m][$40-$50 USD] Buying Runescape Account [RSGP 20-30m] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying RS Account, you can either go first or use OMM I'll help pay. If you are trusted with 65+ Voulches I'm willing to go first. Scammers are not welcome and you can leave now i'm not a stupid. PM me or [email protected] Account Req: I'm looking for a account with a 99 skill and preferably 94 mage.[RSGP] Two accounts.Okay, i just want to get rid of these accounts. Account #1 The A/W is: 7m Black Marks: Login: (I have the recoveries, will be given upon purchase) Stats: Me showing i own the account: Account #2 The A/W is: 5m. Black marks: Login: Stats: Me showing i own the account: Thanks for reading!~60 Atk Pure - Pro~ [ With high Total level , Quested ]Hey guys , I'm selling this account for [rsgp] (NOT GOING FIRST) I would also like people to vouch for me because I would like to sell more accounts in the future. Email: [email protected] It's 66 cmb .. Fully quested ( for a 1 defence pure ) - Addy gloves - Desert Treasure done [​IMG]
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