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    [PayPal][$50 Donor] Amazing 1 Def PK'er | Wrecks Wildy [Trusted][Legit]What's up, Sythe. Today I have my amazingly beast 1 def pure for sale. I'm not using this account any longer because I'm currently beasting the Wildy with my Maxed Zerker. Anyway, back to the point. Everything will be explained in the pictures. Please read carefully and examine every picture thoroughly to understand what you're buying. Account Notes: Has recovery questions Fully quested Is botted Clean for months As you can tell, the account does have Recovery Questions. I do not really know how to delete them if the account is an email log in, so if anyone can help that would be awesome Other than that, the original recovery questions can and will be given upon trade completion. I'm pretty trusted, so scamming will not be an issue. STARTING BID: $100.00 BUY IT NOW: $370-$400Low Level 1 def [DT DONE]Hey Selling This Account. A/W: 25m Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP!] Awsome Maxed Zerker, 9 99's!!!! firecape torso slayer helm!! 40m wealth!!Hey guys, basicly today i am selling this account i am the original owner and can provide 100% of the information please leave a comment if interested or add my ! - [email protected] The A/W with gp on the account is = 80m! The A/w without gp on the account! = 40m!! Edit: picture didnt come up lol Picture!! - It's Time to Sell this Maxed Reset pure ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Sold to danieldyer29 We will be doing an ip sink method over a month - month and half time span. CAN WE GET A MODERATOR TO CLOSE THIS THREAD THANK YOULooking for 90+ fishingLooking for an account with 70+ defence and 90+ fishing! Add my in my sig.Selling Level 61 Range/2h Pure-Can be used for range/2hing in f2p while also mauling in members -Accepting PAYPAL mostly -I'm the original owner and will give details -Add my email - [email protected] -I am NOT going first. MAY be used at YOUR expense -Autowin is $30 -Post offers below(Paypal) Legit Level 92 Zerker 99 Range (Paypal) ( 1 2)Level 92 RFD Finished, 2 Firecapes, Full Void Melee and Range, Full Penance (Barbarian Assault) Level 5 Healer, Smoking Kills Finished and Slayer Helm Unlocked, Barrows Gloves, Dt Finished Basicly a complete zerker just needs stats maxed out...Also the herb level is 61 now... I am quitting runescape so..sorry no gp Never Botted (Green Zone for mutes and bans) I am the original owner, therefore all information and details of account will be provided with purchase. A/W $65 Would like payment to be sent via paypal as a gift I will go first to a trusted member or We can use an OMM (You Pay) I have quit runescape and would like to get this account off my hands. The email on the account is no longer registered, the picture is old, but I will let you log on to verify if you're a serious buyer. Add my Msm: [email protected][RSGP] G mauler with 99 mage! and 30m wealth!Mod please delete sorry for spamming!
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