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    Selling Rune Pure For In-game Rs CashI'm selling this rune pure because i no longer play him and hate the fact it has defence. Yes this is my first time selling so i'll do whatever to ensure we both get a fair transaction, wether it's a middle man or something else. I'm looking for around 10M ONO for this account which i think is quite reasonable for the effort that has gone into him. He's and old timer so no email required for log in just the name. I've attached some pictures of stats/items that contribute to the characters stats : i52.tinypic/2jcsopz.jpg (if you are seriously interested message me on here and we'll make arrangements)trading lvl 81 40 def tank for rare item.hi. i have a lvl 81 with 99 range 99 str 87 hp 50 attack 13 pray 95 mage 40 def and 1 summoning. its got 1429 overall with 99 hunter and 92 mining 75 thieving and more. i have about 5-6m cash and items on the account currently. ive done lunar diplomacy and the hand cannon quest. with 48 quest points. honestly, it is a really good account if your looking to pk and if you stake it is a good range tank but can be made better for range stakeing. the reason i am selling it is because i want to quit playing runescape but i feel like id be stupid if i quit without a rare item so im trying to trade it for any wearable rare item. such as santa or a mask. or ill take 100m cash since i have enough for santa after that. if you trade me a santa or a mask i will give you 10m cash and the account. i will give all the first passwords and recovery information.Selling 99 str pure[RSGP]Closed.99 Atk 99 Str 99 Range 99 Mage / Chaotic Rapier Staker & Pker! ( 1 2)Its Team_Arliss Selling this beautiful Maxed Beast Staker & Pker! I will be mainly accepting cash but i can also accept RSGP. I will NOT accept SWAPS! 1. I will use a OMM or i will NOT be going 1st unless ur a HIGHLY trusted. 2. Account has no Recoverys. No bank pin. & no email adress. 3. Account has a 1.3M Bank. 4. Account is in Green Zone for the Offences History. 5. Any one offering a swap will be reported for spam. S/b: $9 or 10m A/W: $118 or 120m Post here , pm me , or add my : [email protected] pure 94 magic 60 attackHello, I have a turmoil pure on which i do not play anymore, that´s why im selling it. These are the stats: 95 prayer (turmoil) 87 strength 60 attack 94 magic 77 ranged 32 defence It has all quests finished that it needs: Monkey madness (d scim) Lost City (dds/d long) Temple at senntisten (turmoil) RFD (rune gloves) Desert treasure (ancient magicks) It already has all of the following: Filled zamorak book Filled ancient book Filled saradomin book Filled armadyl book adamant defender ardougne cloak RSGP ONLY82 Mage pure 80 ThieveI am selling a Level 67 Pure with 82 Magic and 80 Thieving, the following screen shots should tell you everything you need to know. Im accepting In game cash only and I give the buyer full control of the trade process to ensure your happy to the fullest with the transaction. How do I add pictures? Says I need a .Perfect Range Staker [71 Dung] [80 Range] [95 HP] [80k Tokens]Close][RSGP][ Buying Turmoil Pure ][RSGP][Buying a GOOD turmoil pure ! Willing to pay RSGP . Looking to buy off of someone really trusted, that is all.
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