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    Selling 11mill with account WTS ASAPhello, this is a account that i have and would like to see it asap. i have a vouch and his # so you can call him and he can tell you i am not a scammer i bought my main account level 96 with 30mill for a very good price email me at [email protected] my phone# -503-586-3673. call me and you can ask for my vouches number to talk to him. im sure he will be happy to for the price i gave him lol. Accounts name is - DJ T emp. you can look him up in highscores or ingame Simple Selling account with gold for $35 -account level 59 -11.6mill -With other member items such as herbs and seeds from theifing -has 99 theifing / 67 farming-money making skillsRune Pure, 2x 99's[RSGP]Hi all Selling Rune Pure 2x99's. I create this account so i now all info. Im selling it just for RSGP! Some of fotos: Stats: screensnapr/v/4OOI3b.png Bank: screensnapr/v/SA8QHo.png Quests: screensnapr/v/mAGeAX.png Lobby: screensnapr/v/DLMNFU.png [I will say you news and old Recover questions ] [ Email will be changed to yours ] Appeals: screensnapr/v/5XpDxt.png My : [email protected] Offer Prices Range Tank! 99 range 80 defence! 8 99's!Hello fellow h.r members lol. There is no special reason why i am selling this, I just wanted to get some money to buy the new casper bot, and mabey a pair of shoes This account is mine and I own it, it is great at pking, and has great combat skills and money making skills. I am mainly look for paypal only, But offer away! If you would like my post yours here and I will add you!SELLING Tank[MEMS PIN]Closed.[rsgp]selling All My Rs Account's![rsgp]`TOS` 1.You go first, or we will use a MM. 2.I hold the right to decline any bid. 3.RSGP,Stuff is the only type of payment accepted. 4.Accounts will NEVER be recovered. 5.All stats can be verified in game upon request. 6.If there is a problem with any account I will gladly help. 7.The recovery's and etc. will be removed if find a serious buyer. 8.If you bid on any of my accounts you are accepting these terms of service. Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: Account 5: Account 6: Account 7: Account 8: Account 9: Account 10: Account 11: Account 12: HAPPY BIDDING :[email protected] 95 Main for sale (Pictures)STATS QUEST POINTS BLACK MARKSselling account to start a zerker or void pure with! [RSGP]I dont want so much for it just give me a fast offer I search for someone trusted so i can give first. I can give you all prev password and stats like that too!!!(rsgp)sellin Two Of My Sick Stakers/pures Look(rsgp)I OWN CREATED THEM BOTH THEY BOTH COME WITH ITEMS+BANKS SHOWN #1 has all M.O.B rings imbuned and 1m credits left+rune gloves and ardy cape 1+73 quest points and can wear the best -20 def arm white armour/pray bonus"". #2 has desert treasure and various other pure quests done i use #2 mainly for dds staking planned on turning #1 into a pure/turm pure got bored. looking for offers for both/each whatever they both have registered emails but not recoveries set would make thread big offer. #1 82 combat #2 89 combat
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