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    [Selling] 79 Combat 20 Def Pure Rune Gloves[RSGP]Account is fully quested, has Rune gloves, Desert treasure is done.. Asking Price: 50M (obo) My : [email protected] : mcdeshen Screenshots:Lvl 87 Rune pure [Quested] MM and DT Rune GlovesA/W = 25m Also Swaping for a decent skiller I will go first if you are trusted. Or you can pay OMM. Recovs will be changed once i have found a buyer.firecape level 73 pure 94 magic fully quested :) swaps>hey im selling this fully quested with ancients dragon scim. firecape addy gloves, zammy book. ghost robes. pure this must be a quicked sale ill give all info old passwords recoveries. and if trusted ill give u chance to do recover test< this account has never ever had 1 ban or mute. and has a wicked log in and ingame name add me in if intrested: [email protected] starting bid is 10m, has 20+ days members left all account info will given upon tradeselling rare glitched acctselling a rare glitched acct i ill post pics on the log in and black marks i would post pics of the glitch acct but dont wanna be called paintshop etc so ill log in to rs to show u the glitch if ur instress hit me up on [email protected][RSGP] Selling lv94 Range Tank, CHEAP! [RSGP]Selling my lv94 range tank for cheap. I havent played on this account for a long time so i figured i would get rid of it. I will not go first whatsoever, unless you are HIGHLY trusted and have ALOT of vouches. I have many vouches, from omms and mm's also, so its either you go first, or we get an omm. Thank you, looking for around 20-25m. Here are pics. If you are interested in any account please contact me on , thanks. : [email protected][PP/Swaps/RSGP]Selling 78 dungeoneering 1 def pure![PPSWAPSRSGP]Hello everyone, My name is Freddy and i am selling this account. This account is made by me. I am currently training his attack to 70-80 Upon purchase, you will also be receiving my IdungeonPro Auth Wich i will not use anymore after this account will be 78-80 unless bought already. I also have no problems showing a picture of the blackmarks on the account when asked for. The A/W = N/A My E-mail = [email protected] Tos: I will not go first. We will use MM[rsgp] Lvl 67 pure with 88 mag 87 rng 43 pray [rsgp]Hey guys, had enough of this pure; i've decided to make a staker (boxer), so will have no use for this account. I am hoping to sell this account for RSGP, as it will go towards gear for my staker. : [email protected] If you could add me + message me, all discussions about price will be on there. Obviously as you can see, I am only a newcomer so trust will be an issue. If i find the right person i may go first, depending on the circumstances. Thanks for showing an interest guys, happy bidding STATS: QUESTS: Steel gloves on RFD. MM Done DT Done Waterfall Done, few others RECOVS ETC: Cheers for looking guys.CHEAP Rune Pure: w/Firecape/Torso. 93 mage 89 range.New Thread
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