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    selling account lvl 71 rune pure and lvl 69 purefirst account is a lvl 71 rune pure here are some pics. second account is a level 69 pure with 90 range here are some pics. I accept paypal only the autowin for the first account is 25$ and the second is 45$. email:[email protected] or [email protected] pm me if u r interested.Level 74 Pure! 93Str!I know im not trusted on here so i will go first. I dont spend a ton of time on here so i dont need vouches lol. But i bought i level 136 so im selling my pure for some extra cash. Not interested in paypal i need to get my 136 some money. selling this pure for 45mil rsgp Auto/win. 60att/93str/2def/70range/43prayer/89magic/78HP 48 quest points mith gloves 650k wealth /- [email protected] Email- [email protected][Sythe Member Since 08] Selling 40 defence turmoil pure|Veng|89Dung + MORE| [RSGP]Turmoil Pure Noticeable Stats + Achievements: - Vengeance. - Rune Gloves. - Turmoil. - Dagon Hai Robes. - 89 Dung (lost rapier) - Arcane Stream - Can get barrows gloves with 42 def. - Pk ready. Pricing + Rules: - No LOW ball offers. - RSGP only. - Starting bid: 50m. - Asking price: Unknown at this time. - Please post, or pm me your with offer. Pictures:Loaning out an accountits 60 attack 90 strength 40 defence etc.... If you try to change the email or anything like that I'll take it back. This will be your account essentially as long as you don't try to change recovs etc.... Add steelscimstr in game.[PayPal]Maxed Ini Pure - 87 HP - Rune Gloves - LOOK!I am 127k EXP away from 99 Magic, which should not be hard at all to complete. I have no set price, highest bidder wins. If interested, send me a PM and add me on ; my is [email protected] ONLY PAYMENT METHOD IS PAYPAL. WE WILL USE A OMM OR VMM NO EXCEPTIONS!60att 99str 99mage 99mining!!!I am selling for 3 reasons. I got hacked once and lost 150m+, got the defence level to 3 on accident by casting a magic spell, and I am bored of the 99 strength next I will buy a range pure. I took pics hopefully you can pull them up, I'm not sure if I did the links right. This account is a pure with 99strength, magic, and mining. No main quest have been done , but some of requirements for quest like RFD and D.T. have been done. It has the unholy book fully filled. My cousin offered me $90 IRL for this account, but I am posting on here to see if I could get more for it. This is a perfect pure besides the 3 def >.< Also has 56 dung, which isn't high but was pretty hard to do on a pure believe it or not. I used an auto alcher for the mage to 99. It has been about 3 months or so since I used it so the account is safe from bans. I am accepting RSGP or paypal/WU. My current offer is $90 from my cousin like I said so I am looking for atleast $100/110mil. Since I am not "trusted" on this site, You can pay fees for OMM/recovery test if you don't want to go first. Recoveries and email are set. Of course, when purchased you will get recoveries, email, 3 first passwords used. Also, which is pointless to take a picture of, is that it has no offences so it is in the Greenzone. Inventory- Login Screen- Quest- Stats- good iniate pure, full quested+firecapehey guy im selling my iniate pure, im willing to go first in the trade it has 94 range 85 magic 44 pray alot of skilling stats 76 str 60 attack 2 books camel mask mm done addy gloves dt done and much more, if you interested add me on [email protected] pictures sythe/showthread.php?t=1143631Pure for sale! Rare name!Hi I have a cb level 50 or so with 60 def, 40 att, 52 str, hes beast in the Wildy has like 20 m wealth and rare name "Came" without quotations! A/W is 100 USD Start bidding at 25 USD Cheers, Liljojamo
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