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    [Selling]Level 69 Pure|91 Str|87 Range|86 Magic|44 prayer|[RSGP]SOLD! PLEASE CLOSE.Hey !!!CHECK THESE 2 acoount's out both pure's and very good account number one i am selling for is no-lower then 130mil, and account number to is no-lower then 100mil good luck bidding, and pm for anything and i can also get a mod to verify if needed all info will be givin i will not go first due to people scamming, s1002.photobucket/albums/...YXI/?start=allAccoutn shop! Stakers, Skillers , Pkers!Information about the accounts: - No Recoveries - No Registered Email - No Bankpin - No Blackmarks - I will go first to trusted people here, accounts comes with recovery information. Account 2 This one is my favorite account! Alot of time was put in it! 1 Prayer Account 3 Whip / Dds [ Olmost Ready for rapier] [SOLD] Account 4 Rapier staker! Account 5 Gravite Pure, got membership! Account 6 Mage boxer [ Still in making ] Account 7 [SOLD] Obsidian Mauler! Great pker! Hits 380s with obby maul!selling 2 accs! ! must see cheap !hello everyone, today i am going to sell my ex main ! im selling it for rsgp because my paypal doesnt seem to be working : . ive worked on it for 3 years it has one 99 that is woodcutting also it has 40 summoning so on p2p worlds it is 100+ cb ive pked around 12m on it on one day so its pretty good also has a torso ! also there is another acc for sale that i never play anymore it also has one 99 that is hunting, it is a pure lvl 75 with 25 def it is a awsome acc ! has 1 summoning so i am going to sell both accs for 75m ! or the lvl 99 for [ 50m! and the lvl 75 for 25m! please contact me on : [email protected][RSGP]Selling Starter Granite/Rune Pure[/RSGP]Hey, As I am making a new staker from my skiller, I would like to sell this main/pure. This account was created in 2004, it has a veteran cape + Yo-Yo + Rubber chicken. Ingame name is Yoyo holder. I'm looking for RSGP only. If you are VERY trusted, I will accept Paypayl and I might go first. NO SWAPS. Monkey Madness, The Grand Tree, Horror from the deep, Lost city, Tree gnome village are DONE If someone knows how to delete mail, tell me Recov test by OMM on your fees. No autowin is set, highest bid will win in ONE week. Happy bidding.Selling old account! (kinda sucks)Selling my old account. account name: Chineseman82 Ranked stats: Attack: 72 Strength: 66 Defence: 70 Hp: 68 Prayer: 45 Most other stats are 1... a few random skills have levels. It has about 40 quest points, with lost city done and some other quests. It could easily be made into a barrows pure or max it. It has around 1m items on it. I will go first to TRUSTED users only. Your offer. My : [email protected] or PM me! EDIT: It is a 6 year old account! It can have veterans cape if you throw membership on it, it has golden hammer from 2009/2010... a lot of random event costumes aswell.Selling lv 72 Initiate pure Cheap! RSGP Only! Has Membership!Selling a lv 72 initiate pure with a couple of quests done, good stats, and is pk ready. Why am I selling? I want to concentrate on another pure I have. It also has 59 days of membership left!!! [] Start Bidding. I want to sell fast. I am new to this but I recently bought an account and everything went smoothly. I will send the pin code, email verification change, and everything right after the trade. I want to build up my reputation on here. Current Bid: nobody Auto Win: 10 mill (mainly because it has 59 days of membership left) :[email protected][SWAPPING] Maxed zerker 9 99's!! firecape torso slayer helm! FOR a DUNG PURE!!Hey guys, today im swapping this account for a dungoneering pure! so please offer! CENTER] Please add me on ! [email protected]
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