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    [675+ Vouches][70B+ Traded] Selling a Turm Zerker [RSGP Only] ( 1 2)Click here to view my 675+ Vouches Bank + Stats: Login Screen: Offences: Additional Info: The recovery questions will be provided upon purchasing the account. The email address on this account IS mine, and will be changed to yours upon purchasing the account. I am NOT the original owner of this account. I purchased this account off a Real Life friend. I have successfully completed a recovery test with the info provided by him. Auto-Win: 400m RSGP (including what is on the account), essentially you're paying 320m.Buying Gmaul RusherTitle sais it all. Must not have recovery. Email if there is any must be given to me or the email must be taken off. Add my or post here if you have an account.Level 65+1 Pure | 80 Range | 83 Mage | 75 Strength | Quests Done! |Selling this great pure because I feel like I'm done with it. Pking has become way too easy on it. So going to look for more of a challenge, thinking of making an barrows pure. Will be selling this for RSGP or PayPal. No blackmarks! No A/W set, so offer away. Post here with your or PM me! ~NaughtyGFXSelling Rune Turm Pure | 94 STR | 95 PRAY | 94 MAGE, VENG, B GLOVES AND MORE!Hello guys today i am selling my beauty, i lost 1b to dice so i wish to stop playing on it.. umm my A/W IS around 150m heres a Sorry if the pic is bad , if u wish to contact me just add me at [email protected] or pm me. Have no recoveries or email now, can show.[rsgp] Jonkooo's Account Shop!! [rsgp] ( 1 2)JONKOOO'S ACCOUNT SHOP Jonkooo here selling these amazing Accounts Account #1 great dds rushing pure/dbower SOLD Account #2 can be made into good chaotic pker has 200k tokens Price=45M Account #3 great staker/main/pker has no chaotic Price=55M Account #4 amazing barrows pure pker/staker has chaotic maul Price=55M Account #5 amazing barrows pure pker/staker Price=35M Account #6 great 1 def pure Price=35M current bid=10M please feel free to add me on pm me or leave a post my is [email protected] thank you prehandedly![rsgp] Selling Mage Box Staker Tank In The Making for 55m [85 CB]*closed* no longer for sale|Make 600M mothly|SL's GoldFarming Account Sale|99 Hunter|Vouched|RSGP|Hello. Welcome to the sale of my Puro Puro accounts! Unsure what Puro Puro is? Refer to the links below. rsbots/bots/AutoPuro-Pro/ and.. runescape.wikia/wiki/Puro-Puro Why should you buy these accounts? Make 600m a month each account while doing little to nothing! Accounts have not been botted on in 2+ months and are safe. Assistance in setting up and maximizing your profits. All requirements to run bot are completed! Make 500k+ Per hour. Stable bot Easy set-up. Terms of sale No swaps Offers in RSGP. No “tirekicking” Post before adding me on . I WILL use a MM if wanted/needed. All details will be provided with the account down the date the account was created. Starting Bid: 10m Current Bid: N/A Auto Win: Offers Vouches These are some vouches from previous account sales! Feel free to PM any of them on legitimacy of my trades! Quote: Originally Posted by cullmaan most patient seller ever thank you very much!!! bought the best ever account for 60mill thank you !! Quote: Originally Posted by somedude7 Vouch for StakingFool. He went first trading me three accounts. Patient guy, would do business with him again. Quote: Originally Posted by IWillNotScamU Vouch for stakingfool. Bought account #1 out of his 4 Sorc garden accounts. Quick and easy. AAA seller Quote: Originally Posted by zie vouch! went first and he gave all info, really nice guy Account 1 Login Stats Quests Account 2 Login Stats :[email protected] cheap (pro)Selling cheap epic account This account has been botted but that was many months ago (around Christmas) I was going to bot it up to much higher stats but I gave up. I have been the only owner and haven't used it in months. The account is registered and I will be happy to change that over to another email of your choice. I'll sell for cheap as I wanna buy Xbox games right now. $30 autowin There is a W/C skill cape but I missed it out it's in the bank Post here before adding my or pming EMAIL: [email protected] HAPPY BIDDING ALL Real money only thanks
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