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    Buying a good pure account [RSGP] [TRUSTED PEOPLE ONLY]Buying a good pure, paying good in RSGP. TRUSTED people only. Don't post if you're not trusted. If you are, post your account.Account sale everything needs to be sold!Hello Sythe... im thinking of quitting Runescape so i have a few accounts left to sell, + my cash stake (250M) All thoose accounts needs to be sold before i start selling my gold (250M will sell for 0.4$$ RSGP + Paypal will be taking, all swaps offer till be reported as spam! Contact: [email protected] : pr01337niko youtube: dintaber i won't go first unless you're trusted and every single information about the accounts will be given during the trade. im willing to use Omm at 50/50 fees. Account #1 Nice Re-setted Pure can get barrow gloves at 20 defence or barrow gloves + Turmoil at 33 Defence! Nature spirit - Dragon slayer - Holy grail are completed as defence quests already and it's only 10 defence. Member till 30th Sep... so hurry up! Account #2 F2P Gravite 2H Pure. Accout #3. Resetted Main everything in picture. Account #4. Nice Bunny Ears starter zerk. Dragon slayer + Freminek is completed can be 45 def with all questes for barrow gloves completed.[RSGP] Buying Range tank!!! [RSGP]Looking to buy a Range tank with RSGP looking for 99 range, 70+def, 94 mage w/veng. Having Void and firecape would be nice too but not necessary. post pics/'s here : [email protected] BEAST rune pure | 99 Range | 89 Str | 94 MagicSelling this account for Rsgp, cause I've decided to start on a new pure. Rune puring got boring. A/W = 35M PM me when your interested.Buying ANY mith/addy glove quested purei have a lot of money to blow and am buying a pure. The more quests, the better. PURES ONLY. Mith gloves acceptable, addy gloves= more money... will not go first and will not deal with anyone that's a newcomer.. will pay for OMM if needed. add my or post with accs [email protected] Account! QuittingHey Guys im quitting rs! Take my acc and do whatever u please with it. Username: [email protected] pass: ilycjbff3Selling level 69 1 def pure w/ 99 mage and 90 str ( 1 2)No Recoveries! 99 Mage! I am the original owner of this account. If you buy I will provide previous passwords, date created, isp made on and any others you might want. The account does not have recoveries. Post on here before adding my please. Will will you OMM you pay first, or you go first. Or an MM will take e-mail off when I have a serious buyer Paypal ONLY or RSGP is [email protected]( 200 vouches 2005 member ) 3 characters for sale very cheapgood starter pure has mith gloves will do for cheap level 87 also an ownage zerker as it has low hp for its level level 87 and a main ill do for really cheap
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.