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    [USD][RSGP]S> Lv 77 PURE | 99Str |1 Def | 90 Mage | 85 RangeSelling the following account for RSGP or paypal ONLY. ANY post of swaps will be reported as SPAM. its a 1 def pure which still has prem till may 6.2011. I will look into how to reset recoveries but to my knowlege only way atm to do this with the new patch is to just change email, which will be changed. I will NOT go first, OMM is suggest at the buyers expense, dont bother trying to scam seeing im extremely cautious. add my if interested [email protected] if pic is to small use this link pic0.picsorlinks/ph_or_108343_dc9a0b5.jpg Current Offer= A/w= Not sure Yet[20+ Vouches] Selling 1 Def pure | 90 range, 94 mage|Sup guys, I'm selling my pure I never use anymore for some RSGP. Taking RSGP only! Gogogogogo. A/W: 50m.BEAST Pure with Rapier! ( 1 2)63 Combat! RSGP, SWAPS. I apologize for the love you pictures, but in a nutshell this account has: 80 attack. 61 strength. 1 def. 61 range. 60 mage. Mith gloves. 80 DUNG and a Rapier. Full sara and Bandos books. Looking to sell for RSGP, it has recoveries and such and they will be supplied as I'm unaware on how to remove them. Has 3 months of membership. Bid away.Selling Account, rsgp/rs membership.Pics talk better than words. ^stats, sorry bout 2 def, got while training range on accident :/ Combat level is 69, has MM, lost city, and almost all req's for dt. only need digsite. if theres anything else you would like to know about it just contact me on this thread or in a PM. and heres the bank, only like 20m on it atm. i pked a few d claws on here but i always end up losing money in the long run. Must post on here before you even think about messaging me. thanks, Tim.(Paypal/RSGP) Selling G2H/Rapier Pure|1 Def|1 Pray|211k Dung Tokens|40 Attack|88 Str.....Selling Rune Pure CHEAPThis account has MM and DT done. Add my or post offers on here. Thx Cameron. A/w =40M Selling cheap because i need the RSGP[RGSP]Selling Fully Quested Initiate Pure | 88 cmb + 7, 99 range/ mage|Rune gloves| ( 1 2 3)Hello sythe; i am here selling this fully quested 20 Def account, it has the ability of getting turmoil at 28 def! The account has slayer helm, and rune gloves from RFD, it has Mith defender aswell , it is very well known in the pure community. Very good account for pking it rapes with whip or range , claws or anything you like. Amazing for pure hybriding, it rapes all 1 def pures. Good luck thank you again. I am only taking RSGP, I will ask to use MM unless you are VERYTrusted, thank you. A/W set at 50m ! Contact info. 1. Private message on sythe 2. Post on thread 3. #drugs on swiftirc 4. Ask for my thank you. Overview; 1. 99 Mage 2. 99 Range 3. 91 Strength 4. 94 Hit points 5. 72 Summoning Pictures[SWAP]Rolled back turmoil pure[RSGP?]Ive decided im done with this account, it was 80 att with rapier and 99 str range mage with 95 pray but was rolled back for botting. Has handcannon, korasi, access to sennister.. All the quests for a maxed turmy pure. Defence fully quested was 37, rolled back to 10. Got 20 for personal prefrence Current stats: Quests No recoveries/registered email/membs end 05-16-2011, to lazy to take pic Looking for 1 defence pures only.. Preferably a maxed ags pure or rapier pure or 60 att hybrid, along the lines of that. ACCOUNT MUST BE GOOD, no shitty accounts with 60 att 85 str 76 range 82 mage. DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO SWAP FOR CRAP More wealth turns my eye ;] May be willing to sell the acc for rsgp, most likley not though. Contact me via sythe and if I like it i'll give you , thanks
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