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    85cb 90 Range 99 Magic Dt,mm 949 Tt [with All Info]STARTING BET 25M A/W 150M,giving account with first info,ussing VMM [email protected] for more info please dt,mm done 54QP[Paypal/RSGP] 96 combat pure (d gloves/veng) [40+Vouches]Hey sythe people, sell that awsome account Buyer get all detailed informatsion (for recorvery) 100k till 98 strenght Login: Stats: I didint made bank picture beacouse there isint any good, but still much items. A/W 100 usd - its not price for that awsome account (48 hours A/W 75 usd) S/B 25 usd Always ask pm , and private message whit , gonna tubblechecck it , so fakers go ******** . 1.We Use OMM or trusted MM 2. You go first 3. I go first i u very trusted in my eyes. Pm or post here: 1.Offer: 2.You go first or MM : 3. / : 69+1/1defHey guys, been a while since i've used Sythe, or even Runescape tbh. So i am selling my account for some PP cash. (I may take RS cash depending on the amount) So here it is: The stats and wealth: The login: The Quest: (To show proof of DT and Animal Mag done) I will not be going first unless the person i am trading with has proof of themself being very trusted. Otherwise an MM will be used, or you will be going first. (I do not yet have an MM, find one if you'd like to use one) For now i will only be taking offers, anything nearing $20 or higher if possible would be great. But i'm open for offers. For clarification on anything, or enquiries just add my : [email protected] Thanks, and i hope you considering buying my pure. ~Benjamin.Account Shop!!!!!CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP ********Pay Pal Or Runescape Gp******** *****Will Not Go First,Will Use Trusted Mm If Needed***** Post Offers And Thank You First pic:level 80!Second Pic:level 62!Third Pic:level 29!Fourth Pic:level 73!Fifth Pic:Level 64! - [email protected][PP][RSGP] ~ Selling Tank Ranger *99 Range 70 DEF* ~ [RSGP][PP][RSGP OR [PP] I'm selling a Tank ranger with 99 range and 70 defence. This account has always been mine and I haven't used it for a few months and decided to sell it. Stats: I'm willing to use an OMM or You can go first, if you're very trusted I might go first. IM NOT GOING FIRST UNLESS YOU'RE VERY TRUSTED! I've had several trades, even when I don't got vouches I will start collecting them soon. : [email protected] Cheers.[Paypal/WU]Selling pure 99 str 96m bank !Hey im selling this pure because I never use it, it is 80 combat fully quested with dt + mm + addy gloves. No scammers please, looking for a legit trade. Bid here or PM me or add my [email protected] LOGIN- BANK- STATS- OFFENSES- Happy Bidding :)[RSGP] Selling lvl 82 Zerk (2 Skillcapes + Quested Def)Berserker Pure Cb 82 - 2 Skillcapes! Hello guys, I am selling a great level 82 Berserker Pure with 45 Defence (which is fully Quested!), 85 Strength, Dragon Gloves and even two Skillcapes! If this is what you are looking for, be sure to take a closer look at my thread! Reasons why this Berserker/Rune-Pure account has a high demand: * This is one of the few Berserker pures for sale with exactly 45 Defence and even more important, it's Quested! (Think about Dragon Slayer / Heroes Quest / What lies Below) * It's nice for you to know that this account doesn't have any offences and is completely in the Green Zone! * All of the stats on the account have been trained fairly (not like alot of other accounts for sale) * There are NO recovery questions set, the bank does NOT contain a bankpin and there is NO email registered to make sure the new owner will really be the owner. * Membership expires May 3rd, so 1 Month FREE RS Membership. Here are some screenshots for you to make sure everything I've said above was right: >>> SALE IS NOW OPEN !!! - I WILL BE SELLING THE ACCOUNT FOR RSGP ONLY !!! BIDDING STARTS AT 30M RSGP, HIGHEST BID WILL BE THE OWNER OF A GREAT BERSERKER PURE 3 health use the special button and bam they should be dead. It is an all round pker. and good at them all. When you have brought i will set the email to your email. Please no offer below 50$ are I will count it as spam, as the gold on it's own is worth around that. If you have any questions please feel free to add me on [email protected] I have 35vouches, click here to see them. I will be going on holiday on 8th April so I will not be on for one week after that.
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