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    Selling level 81 With 5 millI am selling my lvl 81 account I have 5 million and all skills are as listed. plus i got dragon 2h and scimmy Please give me a reasonable price. Also I can raise the att str by 10 lvls in one night so just tell me if you would like it raised[RSGP ONLY] Pure, 20 DEF 99 FM [RSGP ONLY]HELLO; AND WELCOME TO MY ACCOUNT. IM NEW TO THIS SITE SO A MM WILL BE USED Bid Away: Current Bid: 1M : [email protected] about the account- No email no recoverys no black marks done dt, mm and all req for addy/rune gloves Picutres;Selling F2P zerker pure, 86 combat, No recovery/EmailDT completed, along with all defenders, decent stats, with a bit of time they could be great i just don't have the time for it. Hit me up @ [email protected] Archerman552 - look it up sorry i couldn't get a screen shot, i couldn't figure out how to post it ha haggle with me over priceSelling rapier tank stakerhi, selling my rapier tank staker because i'm done with the duel arena account comes with creation details, creation ip, email+password to the account's login, member details and prev passes a/w: 100m/50$ paypal add me on [email protected] 3 amazing stakers [paypal/rsgp/wu]selling 3 of my recent staker projects because i don't have the time to continue with them anymore A/W: 40m/35$ account 1 80m/75$ account 2 120m/90$ account 3 all accounts come with date of creation, creation ip/isp prev passes, membership details and recovery questions/email. msg me on to offer/talk [email protected] Account 1: Range pure staker 55 combat Account 2: 91 combat Reset 10pray range tank staker with Veteran cape + ancients Account 3: flat 80s torva + rapier armour on staker 92 combat Note: account does not come with torva, only rapier and a statius setBuying Zerker/barrows pker 94mage reg.Yeah so im buying zerker/barrows pker for rs cash or paypal max 30 usd.Looking for Zerker With bgloves(or close)--paypal--TRUSTED :DNot looking to spend to much but not looking for alot either Dont need or want turm or crazy 99s lol Needs to have all basic quests done for bgloves Add my [email protected] Spending Limit/ Looking For A Decent Staker,ibanpure,obbymauler,def [email protected] LOOKING FOR A DECENT ACCOUNT 21m IS MY MAX LIMIT
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