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    Boxerits not for sale atm, just seeing how much it is worth73 cb pure with 94 magic, quests and full z book.g5hethreh[PayPal] 1 def 60 atk pure | 94 magic | dt done | addy gloves | 50m+ bank |Good itemsAbout my TWC: I did not want to go first to a Newcomer nor did I want to use the MM (Not an OMM) he chose. I have tried appealing it but I have gotten no support. If you wish to support my case and believe I am not guilty please do. Terms & Conditions - I only accept PayPal as a gift. - I will go first to trusted. - If you don't want to go first to me we will use a OMM I pay fees! - Email changed to your desired one. - Recovs told to you A/W - $120 with bank A/W - $80 no bank Free Main when purchased with pure Skills Bank Quests LoginRSGP | Selling My Awesome Pure! Fully Quested | SWAPHey im here selling my pure...[45$ Paypal] 99 Combat, 99 FM, Dt done, Addy gloves, and more [Paypal]PRICE: 45$ Firm. Need the money horribly bad. I have no problem going first to people with 10 vouches+. : [email protected] Pure [FOR RANGE TANK SWAP AND 50M]Hey guys i would like to buy a good hybrid pure for a swap of my level 102 Range Tank with 99 Range, 80 Defence, and 94 Mage with Vengeance! AND 50m rsgp! sythe/showthread.php?t=1174106 The stats i would like the pure to have are: 60-75 attack 85-90 strength 1-20 defence 1-52 prayer 82-94 magic 80+ range And i would like the account to be quested, or with good all around skills so i have reqs for quests! add my email [email protected] buy, 80 mage/range and 71 theif! great deal! 20$ paypal!cmon guys, nice and cheap : [email protected] 20 bucks paypal! cmon! nice and cheap! potential buyers must post in this thread. I know who the scammers are and will avoid them.[RSGP][PAYPAL] Buying 99+ Dungoneering account [PAYPAL][RSGP]Hey guys, basicly i'm buying an account with 99+ dungoneering, if its a pure its a pluss! I have 1.4B Rsgp, and $500 Paypal.. Add me on or post below.. no SCAMMERS! [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.