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    [trade][rsgp]Looking for a pure!i want to get a good decent pure for this account, it doesnt have to be awesome but i dont want the pure to suck. im looking for a 1 def pure with any stats raised. i would like for Desert tresure to bedone. this account is 96 combat on a members server and 92 on free to play i think it has around 5-6m rsgp so i could just trade the gp for a pure if you would like that OMM or your trusted ive been playin for around 5 years now i can pick out scammers easy so dont try.selling pure with 95 magicwell i need to sell an account for irl cash its a good account with dt done and like 4m in items the minimum bid is 10$ via balance funded pp or 20m rsgp and the autowin is 30$ or 60m rsgp i will post pics bellow there are no recovs and i will change the email on purchase you will go first or we will use an omm or highly trusted mm you would pay fees unless highly trusted ive been scammed b4 i will be selling quickly so dont be shy to bid post your bid bellow along with ur send my a friend invite [email protected] and i will send you an invite Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling the perfect morrigan staker!Hey guys i'm looking for RSGP only, since I staked about 5b on this account, it's time to quit this and move on with my resetted turmoil pker This kind of account make BILLIONS staking, trust me for example look at this vid ; youtube/watch?v=iXDHEBZAK00 . Picture tells stats and whatsoever Strength level is 32 cuz I had to use kick to get zeals to get 99hp. C/o= A/w= Not set yet I will give all info I have to perform a recovery test , can use a OMM if you wishTwo accounts and 11.3 mill - 25$Hi! I've been playing Runescape on and off since Runescape 2 came out, but i've recently quit because i've started college and haven't had the time to continue playing. I have two accounts for sale. A level 74 "main" with around 10.2 million gp and a level 50 pure with about 1.3 million gp on the account. I'm only asking for $25 for both of these accounts. I know what I have is not much so if you don't have nice things to say, please keep them to yourself. Any help would be appreciated. I don't have much experience with this and i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so if I make any errors, feel free to correct me. Thanks! The main: The pure:need 160Jcoinsey i need 160 Jcoin to unlock my account from bann i can pay by rsgp or i have main account 119cb its pro pkers 99str 96att 70def 70pray 99mage 85range i can give it for 160Jcoins to unlock my account Thank You.[Cash by mail] [Giftcard]Buying any 60 attack/1 def pure!I am buying any 60 attack 1 defense pure with cash or giftcards of an equal amount. I would like to use a free MM or a paid (O)MM at your expense. I have $125 to spend. Wealth, names, skilling levels, f2p/p2p, etc. don't matter. Please reply here or PM me. Please be sure to mention attack, range, strength, mage, prayer and hitpoints do you delete recovs on an acc the same day?????can you delete recovs on an acc the same day? comment below or pm me[PAYPAL/RSGP] Cody592 Legit Account Shop! 30+ Vouches/Account Sales! Stakers + Pkers!Cody592 Stakers and Pkers! : [email protected] Willing to use ! Will go first to Trusted! All Accounts are Mine and I am willing to do a recovery test. Please Post Account Offers Below! A/W: 130$ A/W: 160$ A/W: 50$ A/W: 140$ A/W: 60$ A/W: 60$ A/W: 40$ Fully Charged Gravite 2h! A/W: 60$ A/W: 75$
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