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    98Mining / 90Stength / 65Attack / 31Prayer / 1Def / 74Combat (Offer!)Looking to sell my strength pure looking for a fair deal. I will accept RSGP / Paypal. Please post with your offers/PM meNeed Moderator Asap!CAN A MODERATOR PLEASE ADD ME ASAP, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! : nathan.mar email: [email protected] cb Selling 60 99 1 perfect claw pure $ only60 attack 99 str 1 defence 31 pray 80 mage 75 range 76 CB 25+m bank (w/ claws) I've made millions pking with this account. I AM NOT TAKING RSGP. you will pay for MM. Thanks[RSGP]Selling 74 CB Pure 99 Fish, All Quests Done- 91 Rng/87str/94mage[RSGP]I am selling my pure because I do not want to play on it anymore I will not scam back. It has never been sold before. I canceled both recoveries and e-mail. Both are no longer active. It does not have a bank pin. Pics-- Stats pic: This pure is a very good hybrid, and it's tough to part with it, but I just really need the training money. I'm only selling for RSGP. I can provide you with ALL info to the account if needed. I've been scammed on this site once before, so either you go first, or we will use a MM. Post back if interested. The account has all pure quests done: MM, Addy gloves, Lost City, Dt, Animal Mag, etc. ==It is 74 combat== A/W: 50M Min: 35MZerker with 96 Str!Hello guys , today i am selling my zerker it has nothing in bank , and heres a pic If u want u could pay fees , or go first i dont mind having an OMM if u wanna discuss or something my is [email protected] I Only accept RSGP. It has rune gloves , all quests for lunar , all impornant zerker quests[Mail/PP] Selling Chaotic Pure ~ 99 Range ~ 87 Dung ~ 100M+ ( 1 2)UPDATE: The account now has 91 dungeoneering, 93 strength, 2 defense, no chaotics, no points, same if not a little bit more cash. Chaotics can be acheived quickly with 91 dung. I am an awful pker, I got smited out twenty minutes into pking twice. Sorry, I'm a failure at runescape, and need to sell this account. The A/W has been lowered. Hello, I am selling this perfect chaotic pure - 85 combat. I will be selling via PP to users that I deem trusted only. I will accept mail from anyone, and would go cheaper with that as the payment method. I would consider WU - I have never used it, but if there is a good offer and the buyer needs it, I could figure it out. The account is flawless as far as stats go, and there is more than enough on the account to fund PKing for a long, long time. And if you ever were to run out of mils, the account has access to frost dragons with 87 Dungeoneering, as well as the ability to acquire more Dung tokens quickly. Some bonuses for this account are a firecape, all quests for a pure completed (73 QP - addy gloves, ancients, MM, accumulator), a fairly high total level. The account is complete and could be perfect as is, or could continue on to max strength, or any other form of pure. When the trade is worked out I will remove the recoveries/pin etc. The buyer will receive all info. I will only deal with a buyer that goes first, or an OMM. I have been a member for many years, and have built up a solid reputation. I will not be scammed. Some of my more recent vouches can be found here; sythe/showthread.php?t=996263 Please post your bids and s, or PM me. Thanks. I ******* up - the defense level is 2 now. I have been pking, the bank is 5-10M more than it was, I used a whip for the first time not training and love you up. Sorry A/W: Mail - 200$ PayPal- 250$Lvl 80 AGS pure 99 mage, 84 herb, all pure quests done 1300+ total lvl [paypal/Gp]Hi here for sale is my lvl 80 ags pure. Its done all the pure quests such as dt, addy gloves from rfd, animal mag for avas, ele workshop for elemental top, MM, lost city and such. Its got pretty much a months memebership left and there is no wealth whats so ever. WE WILL EITHER USE A TRUSTED MM OR YOU GO FIRST. My :[email protected] take a look at the pictures below thanks[RSGP]Selling Level 75 1 DEF 5 99's!!Selling This char, Desert Treasure done Up to addy gloves done Monkey Madness done Nothing in bank besides Addy gloves and random quest items... - Hi-imlvl123 - [email protected]
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