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    [pp]quiting Rs , 1def Pure For Sale!!![pp]Hello , im trying sell me pure account before im quiting rs.... Price Offer: Payment Method : PP/MB Same Pic Here ! add [email protected][RSGP] Rune Pure | 95 Strength | 40 Attack [MM Done] [D Slayer]I am looking to sell this rune pure which has stats 60 attack, 95 strength, and 40 defence at 80 combat. I will NOT go first unless you are staff / OMM / very trusted. You can go first, or we will use an OMM at your expense. I am accepting RSGP only, only serious offers please. Recoveries are pending, but if I get a serious buyer they will be cancelled. Pics below.[RsGp] level 76!pure acc/moneymaker, 94mage! rfd done and stuff!!Hello! I'm selling this account because im working on my zerker now. and dont need a pure cause i got another one which will soon become a member and then i will get d scim and stuff to it like i did to this one too but i decided to just get mele=str up and not at all get range and maybe mage. but yeah so heres a good acc for pking, moneymaking or just chilling. if ur intrested just add me on : [email protected] heres pics : i51.tinypic/15d5eb.jpg i52.tinypic/117e0t3.jpg i55.tinypic/2s9oghf.jpg i52.tinypic/21enj0o.jpg i51.tinypic/1znu7eo.jpg and so u can see it has recovered email but i cant get it off.. i dunno which email it is but i will also give all the infos of the acc if needed. and i sell it for [RsGp]SELLING LEVEL 76 99 range pure FULLY QUESTED [RSGP]Hey guys im selling this ownage pure can be made into anything you want really has a 200k bank full quested and such.... ill be taking rsgp only so comment or hmu on with the offers the starting bid will be 20m anything lower will be marked as spam... i wont take paypal if u want to buy this acc then go buy rsgp and offer me that.... no swaps... bank is only about 200k if you want to ask what other quests are done/ need pics just tell me and ill send em on .. happy bidding .... here are the pics enjoy! note: i did not bot on this account if u see the botclient folder... i was goldfarming on my level 3selling lvl 66 pure sick pker ( 1 2)selling yet another pure good for pking gave up on pking so if u need account msg me but anyways pic of the acc below post at bottom with offer[Selling Lvl 62, With Firecape (30def)]A/W [25m] but keep offersSelling Level 4 With 99 Dung , Herblore, Thieving.So.. i'm going to make this short and to the point. I am a member of powerbot.. and seeing as the changes that have been happening lately, and corrupt staff, i decided to come here. You can decide to trust me or not. I Tried selling this before like 2 months ago and didn't really work out, and i Staked and made money so didnt need it, but after buying Turmoil, Buy questing, skills, etc, my bank is decently low on my turmoil pure, so im selling this account to fund it. I'm fine with a recovery check done with a trusted MM or if you have 150+ Vouches All information will be given to recover including the login email's username / password RSGP ONLY S/B: 50M A/w: 200M (Just An A/w) Current Bid: Quote: Originally Posted by danieldyer29 Hmm, well i offer 80m rsgp. Keep me updated with current offers. Contact: [email protected] = im fine with a MM / OMM recovering it to test info, i can proove i have the pure which i've been working on, the skiller is boring for me, and im bored of it, i mean what else do you want? I cant magically have 100 vouches and become trusted, so if you don't like what you see, then just don't bother i guess.. - You can't remove recoveries anymore unless given 2 weeks, or i would do that. - I'd be fine setting the email to urs during the course of the trade - I can't magically have 100 Vouches.. like really, im sorry i guess? done like 2 seperate trades where i vouched but didnt feel like getting a vouch as i dont really sell much, and i can show you that - I don't know what else you want from me, if people don't wantto buy, whatever. Pictures: Last Things done (After that was a stupid RC lvl from a lamp i got from a random = 53 RC on july 27th) ADD MY AND LEAVE OFFERS ON THREAD WITH UR Looking to spend 250$ on a pure.Hi, I'm from Florida, if you live close enough , we could do this in person. Looking for a pure. Quested attack, 50-60 MUST. Strength 90 + - must. Ranged - 95+ - must. Magic - 94+ - MUST Defense, must be one. P L E A S E. It has to be quested, and have a bank of at least 30m. Post on here. thanks.
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