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    Selling Beast Zerker 85 att 99 str 85 range 94 mage 94 hunt 50m [WU]Hey im selling my zerker cuz i am tired of this game and i need to focus on my classes. Account has done DT,MM,Lunar, Most pure quests completed. Here are pics: 100 CB. Hasnt been botted. I am original owner to this account. I have all previous info to it. This is a safe secure account once you buy it and i receive the money it yours. Since i am new i know not many people will go first to me so i will only use a OMM. You will split fees. Payment is Western Union only. No exceptions. Paypal is worthless and scammers use that to scam plp alot often and im not going to fall for it. A/W:$200 (just a a/w... dont freak out) Plz bid and i will add you if your offer seems reasonable. Thanks ~o so serious[rs2gp/paypal] [pure] Maxed. Gloves 4 99'sHi, Im selling an almost maxed pure. Pictures are below. Recovs: unset EMAIL: I don't know what email it is registered too. IOf anybody can tell me how to remove that would be great I can provide all information for recovery. Accepting GP/Paypal (Gift). OMM, You first, or 50/50. I will go first for trusted members. Leave your offers here, I will PM you my email address. Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usselling maxed turmoils zerker many 99s 96+8Hey guys welcome to my zerker thread Hey guys I'm here because I'm getting bored of my zerker and i was thinking about turning the zerker into a main why wreck a nice zerker like this when i could just trade it for a main save me all the work and training The zerker has a 200m house with 2 steel dragons i had many compliments offer the account and house it has torso fire-cape and chaotic crossbow 2 you don't see many accounts like this around I'm looking for around 500 to 700$ or a nice maxed account with 96 summoning and 95prayer with alot quests done and ovl with nice bank for a trade the person must be trusted I will be using i trusted omm to do the trade so dont try scamming i have been on sythe a long time i know all the tricks 20 Vouchs sythe/showthread.php?t=956116 The pictures from powerbot why it says username is kris the combat is 96+8[RSGP/WU] Selling 86 cmb 94 range/mage/81str ! ;]Hello guys. Got fed up playing with this pure because wild is not the same anymore as it was 4 years ago (no matter that it was returned) and want simply to focus on my main and help my clan at pks', run ins' and wars (no more training because my exams are very close). Due to this i want to sell my pure which is a really awesome account, never botted, lots of time and money was put in order to achieve these stats and now i want to get rid of it. I accept : RSGP (itll be used for my main's clan gear) ; Western Union. I am the one and only owner of the account and will provde the buyer with all the information (pins used to make p2p as well). Will not go first to anyone. OMM at your expenses or you go first. There's no autowin because i dont know how much does that account cost, but the higher is better. Account can come totally clean or with 300m, depends on your needs and offer. Amount of rsgp on it can be negotiated. Trade methods : if you want to pay RSGP, then you will have to go first or pay for an OMM. If you want to pay via Western Union, then i would prefer you to go first, but you shouldnt worry, because you will have all my personal details and i am not a criminal so i will not steal money because it would be senseless. You can always contact bank management/police in case. Due to this you shouldnt feel safe enough to trade. As you see i barely play with this account : DT, MM are done. For some reason i cannot login to my for several days (some error occurs), but i will be trying to do that. Due to this i can also be contacted via , Facebook (i have nothing to hide), email. Please leave your offer and contact details on this thread. Leaving for my football game now so ill check this thread in about 3 hoursBuying Boxer or StakersIm looking for a solid boxer, or staker of another description. Please fill in the form when you post: Type of staker (description): e.g. what rules it would fight under Stats: Combat level: I have a decent budget to spend so feel free to offer thanks P.s Any offers of non stakers will be reported for flaming (ANY add on before posting on the thread will be ignored)[$7750+ Traded] Selling Lvl 76 Pure | 96Str | Great Pker| 120+ Vouches ( 1 2)SOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.|Pure 72 Combat 93 Str 60 Atk 31 Pray 27M bank Dclaws Including!|Hello guys , today i am selling my lovely pure , it has 27M Bank 60 attack 93 strength 1 def 72 range 31 pray 82 mage , has done desert treasure , monkey madness.. , lost city horror from the deep and Mithril Gloves from rfd heres a pic oi52.tinypic/n62a6e.jpg Only taking RSGP! Im selling the acc with MONEY ON IT! If u wanna talk or something add me at my [email protected] Im not going first , You pay for an OMM Or u go first or 50/50.Amazing New Buy/sell/trade Website! Now Hiring Moderators!mmo beat (No space) is now open! Brand new buy/sell/trade website! -Hiring moderators to help run the forums when admins are away! -Currently ads all over the internet, so the site will be huge in no time. -Contests going on for cash prizes and more! -Weekly Podcasts coming soon. (Also looking for 2 members to join the podcast team) -We support sythe and have no intentions of stealing their members! Willing to put ads on our site to support sythe to show were not trying to compete. -Please support us and Come join a new community! Again the site is mmo beat (without the space)
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